Cognitive Flexibility Lab


Photo of Melody Wiseheart
Melody Wiseheart, Ph.D.
Tree-hugger, hippie, and advocate of love, kindness, and compassion for all living things.

Research Associates

Joel Katz (2020-present)

Vanessa Foot-Seymour (2020-present)

Doctoral Students

no current doctoral students

Master's Students

no current master's students

Honours Students

no current honours students

Independent Study Students

Linda Nguyen (2021-2022)

Kaniz Farhat (2021-2022)

Fun Lab Photos

Photo at Housewarming 2015
Housewarming Party 2015
Back row: Annalise D'Souza, Melody Wiseheart, Amanda Carson, Justeena Zaki-Azat
Middle row: Eliana Stein, Vanessa Foot, Tina Weston, Rebecca Lauwers
Front row: Sandi Wiseheart

Photo of Irina and Tina
Irina Kapler and Tina Weston

Previous Lab Photos

Photo of Cognitive Flexibility Lab in 2017
CFL 2017
Back row: Isabella Bozzo, Brenda Owe, Momo Ando, Fenote Girma, Vanessa Foot, Annalise D'Souza
Front row: Melody Wiseheart, Tina Weston, Katie Matthews

Photo of Cognitive Flexibility Lab in 2015
CFL 2015
Back row: Heather Carter-Simmons, Justeena Zaki-Azat, Annalise D'Souza, Amanda Carson, Tina Weston
Front row: Katie Matthews, Melody Wiseheart, Vanessa Foot

Photo of Cognitive Flexibility Lab in 2014
CFL 2014
Back row: Kristi Mellom, Helena Brown, Sabrina Schumaker, Melody Wiseheart, Vanessa Foot, Annalise D'Souza, Orly Taub
Front row: Tina Weston, Schekina Israel, Jacey Chae, Heather Carter-Simmons, Prapti Giri, Rebecca Lauwers, Irina Kapler, Katie Matthews, Eliana Stein

Photo of Cognitive Flexibility Lab in 2013
CFL 2013
Back row: Linda Moradzadeh, Melody Wiseheart, Émilie-Anne Puckering, Jacey Chae
Front row: Reno Zheng, Tina Weston, Annalise D'Souza, Suzette Fernandes

Photo of Cognitive Flexibility Lab in 2011
CFL 2011
Back row: Tammy Sikakane, Melody Wiseheart, Lee Unger, Jonathan Canzio, Elnaz Moghimi
Middle row: Tina Weston, Linda Moradzadeh, Denise Paneduro, Annalise D'Souza, Katherine Descours
Front row: Galit Blumenthal, Justeena Zaki-Azat, Vanessa Foot, Mikko Mason, Emily Quinan

Photo of Cognitive Flexibility Lab in 2009
CFL 2009
Back row: Leah Kaplan, Denise Paneduro, Melody Wiseheart, Linda Moradzadeh, Holleh Daemi, Irina Kapler, Nora Kharouba
Front row: Julia Wreford, Tina Weston

Photo of Cognitive Flexibility Lab in 2007
CFL 2007
Back row: Denise Paneduro, Charisa Ng, Irina Kapler, Natasha Jamal, Laura Pynn
Front row: Melody Wiseheart, Michelle Eisen

Former Post-Docs

Photo of Reno Zheng
Dr. Reno Zheng

Photo of Carolina Küpper-Tetzel
Dr. Carolina E. Küpper-Tetzel

Former Graduate Students

Photo of Vanessa Foot
Vanessa Foot-Seymour
MA 2016; PhD 2019

Photo of Joel Katz
Joel Katz
PhD 2019

Photo of Annalise D'Souza
Annalise D'Souza
MA 2013; PhD 2019

Photo of Katie Johnson (née Matthews)
Katie Matthews
MA 2016; PhD 2018

Photo of Tina Weston
Tina Weston
MA 2011; PhD 2018

Photo of Amanda Carson
Amanda Carson
MA 2017

Denise Paneduro
MA 2008; PhD 2016

Photo of Linda Moradzadeh
Linda Moradzadeh
MA 2009; PhD 2014

Photo of Galit Blumenthal
Galit Blumenthal
MA 2013

Photo of Katherine Descours
Katherine Descours
MA 2013

Photo of Charisa Ng
Charisa Flach (née Ng)
MA 2009

Former Lab Managers

Photo of Lee Unger
Lee Unger (2010-2012)

Former Research Assistants

Photo of Emily Quinan
Emily Quinan (2011-2012)

Former Honours Students

Margaret Silverio Villalba (2020-2021)

Ayla Sadeghi (2020-2021)

Amina Yousaf (2018-2019)

Zunaira Amin (2017-2018)

Photo of Momo Ando
Momo Ando (2017-2018)

Photo of Brenda Owe
Brenda Owe (2016-2017)

Photo of Heather Carter-Simmons
Heather Carter-Simmons (2015-2016)

Photo of Helena Brown
Helena Brown (2015-2016; Research Assistant at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)

Photo of Margherita Lospalluto
Margherita Lospalluto (2015-2016; Team Manager at Great West Life, Toronto)

Photo of Kristi Mellom
Kristi Mellom (2014-2015)

Photo of Shevaugn Johnson
Shevaugn Johnson (2014-2015; attending Flinders University clinical psychology PhD program)

Photo of Rebecca Lauwers
Rebecca Lauwers (2014-2015; attending medical school at McMaster University)

Eliana Stein (2014-2015; Clinical Research Assistant, The Hospital for Sick Children)

Photo of Jacey Chae
Jacey Chae (2014-2015; attending M.Ed. counseling psychology and psychotherapy program at OISE)

Photo of Suzette Fernandes
Suzette Fernandes (2013-2014; research assistant at Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto)

Photo of Emilie-Anne Puckering
Émilie-Anne Puckering (2013-2014)

Photo of Vanessa Foot
Vanessa Foot (2011-2012; PhD student in CFL)

Photo of Mikko Mason
Mikko Mason (2011-2012)

Photo of Elnaz Moghimi
Elnaz Moghimi (2011-2012)

Photo of Tammy Sikakane
Tammy Sikakane (2011-2012)

Photo of Leah Kaplan
Leah Kaplan (2010-2011)

Photo of Nora Kharouba
Nora Kharouba (2010-2011; law degree from University of Alberta; litigation associate at Miller Thomson)

Gaby Levkov (2010-2011; PhD student in psychology at York University)

Tenzing Tsering (2010-2011; MA from OISE)

Photo of Holleh Daemi
Holleh Daemi (2009-2010)

Photo of Julia Wreford
Julia Wreford (2009-2010; PhD student in clinical psychology at University of Guelph)

Photo of Michelle Baron
Michelle Baron
(2008-2009; MA from OISE; faculty at Sheridan College in the Early Childhood Education program)

Gilda Cheung

Rebecca Morgan

Photo of Michelle Eisen
Michelle Eisen
(2007-2008; MA from OISE)

Photo of Natasha Jamal
Natasha Jamal
(2007-2008; MA from OISE)

Photo of Laura Pynn
Laura Pynn
(2007-2008; MA in psychology from York University)

Hailey Sobel
(2006-2007; PhD in School / Applied Child Psychology from McGill University)

Lily Lieu