Effect Size Calculator

What It Does

This calculator evaluates the effect size between two means (i.e., Cohen's d; Cohen, 1988), which is the difference between means divided by standard deviation.

Between-subjects Studies

Enter the two means, plus SDs for each mean. To compute effect size using pooled or control condition SD, only enter one SD.

Within-subjects Studies

For within-subjects studies, one must correct for dependence among means in order to make direct comparisons to effect sizes from between-subjects studies. To do this, you also need to enter the correlation between the two means, so that Morris and DeShon's (2002) equation 8 can be applied.

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Cohen, J. (1988). Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences (2nd ed.). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates.
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Morris, S. B., & DeShon, R. P. (2002). Combining effect size estimates in meta-analysis with repeated measures and independent-groups designs. Psychological Methods, 7, 105-125.
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