Toronto Cultural Policy and Plans 1974-2008:
Examining the Legacy

The Mavor Moore Cultural Policy Symposium

Hosted by the MBA Program in Arts and Media Administration at the Schulich School of Business, the Robarts Centre, and the City of Toronto.

Friday, October 24, 2008

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Toronto Culture Plans

1974 Metropolitan Toronto's Support Of The Arts
David Silcox (3MB)
1985  Cultural Capital: The Care and Feeding of Toronto's Artistic Assets
Tom Hendry (35.2 MB)
1994 Metro's Culture Plan: Redefining Our Cultural Framework
Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto (6.6 MB)
2003   Culture Plan For The Creative City
City of Toronto (7.8 MB)

Responses To Culture Plans

1985 Amendments to Cultural Capital Report
CARO Visual, Film, and Video Arts Ad Hoc Committee (1.1MB)

Culture Plans From the Former Municipalities

1983 An Arts Policy For Scarborough
Joy MacFadyen (Chair) (3.1 MB)
1984 A Five-Year Plan For The Arts In Scarborough, 1984-1988
Joy MacFadyen (Chair) (3.7 MB)
1996 South Etobicoke Community Cultural Plan, excerpts
Gerald Smith, Chair (1.8 MB)

1997 Amalgamation Transition Reports

Arts, Culture and Heritage Work Group Building On Strength: Arts, Culture and Heritage in the new City of Toronto
(1 MB)
Arts, Culture and Heritage Work Group  Building On Strength, Appendix B: Report on Transitional Issues, Options and Recommendations
(12.4 MB)
Arts, Culture and Heritage Work Group Building On Strength, Appendix C: Inventory of Toronto Municipal Cultural Programs
(0.6 MB)
Heritage Toronto Because Heritage Matters: A Discussion Paper on Heritage in the New Toronto
(1.2 MB)
TAC   A Recipe For A Beautiful Future: Arts and Culture in the New Toronto
(4.1 MB)

Toronto Arts Council Documents

1988 No Vacancy
TAC (2.9 MB)
1992 Cultural Equity
E.A. Julian (2.2 MB)
1994  Culture Force
Sharon Fernandez, with Rina Fraticelli (2.1 MB)
1997 Spreading The Word
TAC (0.6 MB)
1999   The Cost of Cutting
TAC (0.9 MB)

Historical Background on Municipal Cultural Policy in Toronto and Canada

1974 The Arts and the Municipalities: A Partnership for Action
Joan Horsman and Paul Schafer, The Canadian Conference of the Arts (0.8 MB)
1978 Rapport: The Arts, People, and Municipalities
Robert Bailey, The Canadian Conference of the Arts (3.6 MB)
1982  Arguments For The Arts: Towards a Dynamic and Innovative Arts Policy
D. Paul Schafer, Arts Scarborough (1.7 MB)
1984 Municipal Arts Policy: Vision to Reality
D. Paul Schafer (2.7 MB)