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Section: Bibliography


revised May 2007

This bibliography is an ongoing project and as such will always be incomplete. If anyone has an addition to make, please send it to me at York University for inclusion. Annotations are included where possible. The Paper # refers to the location of the specific piece in the RSGC files and is used for retrieval purposes only.

If this bibliography is used for research and/or publication purposes, an acknowledgement to the Registry of Stained Glass Windows in Canada would be appreciated. If it is useful to you, please let me know at

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· Anon. “The Crystal Palace: The Galleries,” The Daily Globe: (29 Sept.1858): 2, col.7.
Annotation: Notice of the McCausland/Bullock entry at the 1858 Provincial Exhibition.
Keywords: McCausland; Bullock
Paper #: McCausland

· Anon. "Miscellaneous Cards." The Daily Globe, Toronto, Canada West. (6 January 1860): n.p.
Annotation: Advertisement for the Toronto Stained Glass Works, featuring the skills of W. Bullock.
Toronto Stained Glass works; Bullock, W.
Paper #: Bullock #1

· Anon. "Seventeenth Annual Exhibition, Provincial Agriculture Association, Toronto, Sept. 22, and Following Days: The Crystal Palace." The Daily Globe. Toronto, Canada West. (24 September 1862): 1.
Annotation: Describes the Exhibition, including briefly the McCausland and Howard (sic) entry of stained glass windows. The windows, picturing John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, are described as being 'generally meritious both in design and execution.'
Keywords: McCausland; Horwood;
Canada Stained Glass Works, Toronto; Knox's Church, Toronto
Paper #: Anon. #16

· Anon. “Editorial Items,” Daily Globe (Toronto, Canada West) (23 October 1862): n.p.
Annotation: Announces the placement of three stained glass windows at the south of Knox’s Church, Toronto. McCausland and Horwood (sic), recipients of the Commission, are lauded as having won a prize a the recent provincial exhibition.
Keywords: McCausland; Horwood, Toronto; Knox's Church, Toronto; Provincial Exhibition, Fall 1862.
Paper #: McCausland #17

· Anon. “News: Canadian Items,” Daily Globe (Toronto, Canada West) (22 Aug. 1863): n.p.
Annotation: Announces presentation of two stained glass windows to the Church of the Ascension, John Street, Toronto. The subject of these windows by J. Spence is the Ascension and Christ Blessing Little Children.
Keywords: Church of Ascension, Toronto; Brydges, C. J.; Spence, J. C.
Paper #: Spence #1

· Anon. "Memorial Windows at the University." Daily Globe (Toronto, Canada West) (18 October 1866): n.p.
Annotation: Announces memorial project, the contract for which was awarded to J. McCausland of the Toronto Stained Glass Works.
Keywords: University College, Toronto; Convocation Hall, University College; McCausland, J.; Toronto Stained Glass Works
Paper #: McCausland #16

· Anon. "British Columbian Letters," The Canadian Architect and Builder. 14.4 (1901): 80.
Annotation: Commendation of the work of Bloomfield and Sons which is constructed properly as mosaics rather than painted glass. Some biographical information.
Keywords: Bloomfield; Bloomfield and Sons; James Blo(o)mfield;
British Columbia.
Bloomfield #1

· Anon. "German firms evading Canadian Custom Tariff." The Ornamental Glass Bulletin, (Stained Glass) 6.6 (July 1912): 9-10.
Annotation: Report on a meeting of the National Ornamental Glass Manufacturers' Association of the
United States and Canada at which the practice, by the British and Germans, of undercutting tariffs through private invoicing was discussed and condemned.
Paper #: Anon. #13

· Anon. "War's Unusual Effect on Canadian Glass Business." Toronto Globe (19 March, 1918): 14. Rejoinder. "Stained Glass Industry in Canada." Construction 11.4 (April 1918):132. By Robert McCausland.
Annotation: An article reporting the effect of war on the Canadian Glass industry. Since it is not practical to manufacture glass in
Canada, we must import it; however, the war interrupted our ability to obtain glass from both Belgium and Germany. The stained glass industry was at a virtual standstill during WW 1 due to lack of commissions, a shortage of supplies, and a shortage of manpower. Robert McCausland wrote a letter to the editor stating that he felt the information in the above article was inaccurate, in his opinion the Stained Glass industry was booming and glass was readily available from England.
Paper #: Anon. #1

· Anon. "Memorial Window Unveiled at McGill." Construction 15.10 (October, 1922): 333.
Annotation: Announcement of the unveiling of a memorial window at
McGill University designed by Prof. Percy E. Nobbs and executed by the Bromsgrove Guild of Leeds, England. The window is dedicated to John McCrae, R.P. Campbell and H.B. Yates.
Montreal; Nobbs
Paper #: Nobbs #1

· Anon. "Craftsmanship in Glass." Construction 22.9 (September 1929): 299.
Annotation: A positive review, emphasizing innovative technique and modernity, of a show of W.E. Philips Co. Ltd.'s glass at the Construction building at the C.N.E.
Keywords: W.E. Philips Co. Ltd; Toronto
Paper #: Anon. #3

· Anon. "The Alcove Window in the School Chapel." Bishop Strachan School Magazine (Mid-Summer 1931): 3-4.
Annotation: Iconographical description of the Flora Cumming, Marjory Gibson and Kathleen Murray Alexander Machell memorial windows, based on information provided by Peter Haworth.
Haworth; Bishop Strachan School Chapel; Toronto
Paper #:
Haworth #1

· Anon. "An exhibition of Reproductions of Antique Masterpieces of Stained Glass." Catalogue of the Arts, Canadian National Exhibition 1931. Toronto: Canadian National Exhibition, 1931. 102-106.
Annotation: A list of the reproductions on display in
Toronto in 1931. Subtitle: "Showing the development of the art from 1060 to 1600 AD."
Keywords: Zettler Studios; Canadian National Exhibition.
Paper #: Anon. #9

· Anon. "St. Paul's United Church, Dundas, Ontario." Construction 27.1 (January-February 1934): 27-28.
Annotation: Discussion of the "great" chancel window of
St. Paul's United Church, Dundas, Ontario. This memorial window (no mention of artist) depicts Christ Knocking at the Door, The Scene at Emmaus, and Sowing the Seed.
Dundas; St. Paul's United Church
Paper #: Anon. #4

· Anon. “Church House Visitors View Memorial Window,” Mail and Empire, (Toronto) (17 Feb. 1936): 9.
Annotation:  Article mentions Yvonne Williams’ window at the chapel of the Holy Apostles in the Church House, Toronto.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #38

· Anon. "Notes-Correspondence-Comment: Medieval Medallion." Stained Glass 31.1 (Winter 1936-37): 98-99. 1 illus.
Annotation: Offers limited provenance for a thirteenth-century French roundel currently in the
Montreal Museum. The roundel shows the martyrdom of an unnamed female saint.
Keywords: Arnold Seligman, Ray and Co.,
New York City; Baron de St. Levee d' Aguerre (Paris); Chartres School; Montreal Museum, Montreal
Paper #: Anon. #10

· Anon. “Pioneer in Old Art,” Toronto Star, (3 April 1937): 6.
Annotation:  An early, largely biographical article about Yvonne Williams.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #35

· Anon. "Windows in the Chapel." Bishop Strachan School Magazine (Midsummer 1938): 3-4. illus.
Annotation: Iconographical description of three windows recently installed in the alcove. They are in memory of Mary Lindsay Prichard Smith, Constance Rowe and Clara Belle Englebright.
Haworth; Mary Lindsay Prichard Smith memorial Window; Constance Rowe Memorial Window; Clara Belle Engle Bright Memorial Window; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #3

· Anon. "Canadian Women in Stained Glass," Stained Glass 36 (Summer 1941): 50-52, illus.
Annotation: Brief discussion of Yvonne Williams, Esther Johnson and Gladys Allen as pivotal figures in Canadian stained glass.
Keywords: Williams; Johnson; Allen
Paper #: Williams #1

· Anon. "To the Glory of God and in memory." Bishop Strachan School Magazine (Midsummer 1942): 3-4. illus.
Annotation: Iconographical description of three lights in organ bay added c. 1941-42 by Peter Haworth - the Dorothy Clara Hutchings, Constance Peace Acres and Helen Elizabeth Acres memorial windows.
Haworth; Dorothy Clara Hutchings Memorial Window; Constance Peace Acres memorial Window; Helen Elizabeth Acres Memorial Window; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #4

· Anon. "The St. Cecilia Window." Bishop Strachan School Magazine (1944): 33.
Annotation: Brief explanation of symbolism of the Caroline M. Goad memorial window, the final window in the organ bay.
Keywords: Haworth; Caroline M. Goad Memorial Window;
Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #5

· Anon. "Resurrection Windows for Airfield." Stained Glass 40.2 (Summer 1945): 67-68.
Annotation: Mention of ten stained glass windows installed in the sanctuary of a transport command chapel near
Paper #: Anon. #14

· Anon. "Stained Glass in Quebec." Stained Glass 43.2 (Summer 1948): 47-49.
Annotation: Discussion of a group of windows made for the Novitiate of the Clerics of Saint Viator,
Joliette by Marius Plamondon. The article is really an extensive description by Plamondon of the windows.
Keywords: Marius Plamondon;
Paper #: Plamondon #11

· Anon. “Stained Glass Her Art,” Toronto Star, (1950): n.p.
Annotation: Brief article lists Yvonne Williams as one of a number of women artists honored by Toronto’s five women’s international service at their fourth annual dinner.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #22

· Anon. "Labouret's Work in Philadelphia," Stained Glass, 45.3 (Autumn 1950): 118-120, illus.
Annotation: Announcement for an upcoming exhibition of Labouret's work at the Philadelphia Art Alliance which notes the French artists's use of cement rather than lead and comments on his windows at the basilica at Ste.Anne de Beaupré, Québec.
Keywords: Labouret; Ste.Anne de Beaupré, Québec.
Paper #: Labouret #1

· Anon. "Allen, Gladys W." National Reference Book on Canadian Men & Women. (Toronto: Canadian Newspaper Services International, 1952.): 19-20.
Annotation: A short biography.
Keywords: Allen
Paper#: Allen #1

· Anon. "Vaste verrière de Plamondon sur le vieux Montréal", La Presse (Montréal) (4 Dec.1957): 23, illus.
Annotation: Discussion of Plamondon's window in "Les Voyageurs" cocktail lounge in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, focusing on the iconographical significance of the scene.
Keywords: Plamondon; Les Voyageurs Cocktail Lounge,
Paper #: Plamandon #5

· Anon. "The Harriet Walsh Memorial Window." The Bulletin (1957): 5.
Annotation: Iconographical description of the Harriet Walsh Memorial Window in the Bishop Strachan School Chapel,
Keywords: Haworth; Harriet Walsh Memorial Window;
Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto
Paper #: Haworth #6

· Anon. "La Vie Religieuse," La Presse (Montreal) (11 Jan.1958): 19, illus.
Annotation: The briefest of descriptions of the "glass mosaic" by Vincent Poggi installed at the Institut Cardinal-Léger,
Keywords: Poggi; Institut Cardinal-Léger,
Paper #: Poggi #1

· Anon. "Stained Glass Display Opens at Art Gallery," Globe and Mail (Toronto) (20 Sept.1958) 15, illus.
Annotation: Preview of exhibition of stained glass by Plamondon opening at the Art Gallery of Toronto.
Keywords: Plamondon
Paper #: Plamandon #4

· Anon. "Glass Window Recalls Montreal of Long Ago," Ottawa Citizen (22 Feb.1958) 37.
Annotation: This article explains the iconographical significance of Plamondon's stained glass windows in 'Les Voyageurs' cocktail lounge and the Beaver Club at the
Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal.
Keywords: Plamondon; East,Benoit; Ferland,Olivier; Gagnon, Aristide; Les Voyageurs cocktail lounge, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal; Beaver Club, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal.
Paper #: Plamandon #1

· Anon. "Quatre Verrières Installées en 1959," Le Droit (Ottawa) (28 Dec.1959) 22, illus.
Annotation: Brief discussion of Plamondon's stained glass windows for the Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal, the first four of which had recently been installed.
Keywords: Plamondon; Oratoire Saint-Joseph, Mont-Royal.
Paper #: Plamandon #3

· Anon. "Importants Travaux réalisés à l'Oratoire," La Presse (Montreal) (29 Dec.1959) 46, illus.
Annotation: A discussion of the artistic furnishings of the Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal including mention of three windows by Plamondon in the chapel of Très-Saint-Sacrement which represent "La Victoire de Frontenac sur Phipps," "Le Miracle du oilier de St-Joseph," and "La deliverance du
Fort Ste-Marie.
Keywords: Plamondon; Oratoire
Saint-Joseph, Mont Royal.
Paper #: Plamandon #2

· Anon. St. Clement’s, Eglinton,” The Anglican, (Jan. 1962): 8, illus.
Annotation:  Article includes a reproduction of Yvonne Williams’ window in St. Clement’s church.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #25

· Anon. “14-Foot Windows Going to St. John’s,” Globe and Mail, (27 June 1964): 17.
Annotation: Brief article describes Yvonne Williams’ five windows depicting scenes from the life of Christ to be installed in St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in St. John’s.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #24

· Anon. "Montrealer Defends Stained Glass Art," Windsor Star (22 Feb. 1964): 5-6.
Annotation: Lubbers argues that stained glass is a true artistic medium. He also gives an overview of his technique which uses antique glass and cement. Reference is made to his windows for the Hotel Dieu chapel and St.Joseph's Church on
Seminole Street in Windsor.
Keywords: Lubbers; Hotel Dieu Chapel, Windsor; St.Joseph's Church,
Paper #: Lubbers #1

· Anon. "Window Artist Turns to Textiles," Globe and Mail, (28 Dec.1966): 10.
Annotation: This article focuses on Angus Macdonald's creation of centennial designs for upholstery and drapery materials. It is noted that the textiles were to be used by Macdonald's partner, interior designer John Downton, for the refurbishing of the offices of
Toronto business firms in the centennial year. Stained glass projects at St.Luke's in Sault Ste.Marie, St. Charles of Borromeo and St. James Cathedral are mentioned in closing.
Keywords: Macdonald; St.Luke's Anglican Cathedral, Sault Ste.Marie;
St. Charles of Borromeo RC.
Paper #: MacDonald #5

· Anon. "Dedication of the Adelaide McLaughlin Memorial Window, St. Andrew's United Church, Oshawa, Ontario, November 19,1967."
Annotation: Programme of the mass dedicating the window. Also includes a history of the St. Andrew's parish and biography of Adelaide McLaughlin, as well as a resumé of Gustav Weisman and a brief iconographical outline of the window.
Keywords: Weisman; St.Andrew's United Church,
Paper#: Weisman #1

· Anon. "Margit Gatterbauer," Allied Arts Catalogue des Art Connexes.Vol.2 (Oct 1968): 26.
Annotation: Citation of Gatterbauer with three reproductions of her windows accompanied by factual information.
Keywords: Gatterbauer;
Kitchener/ Waterloo
Paper #: Gatterbauer #1

· Anon. "Stained Glass." Allied Arts Catalogue des Arts Connexes (2 Oct 1968): 24-25.
Annotation: Six reproductions of stained glass windows by Marcelle Ferron with brief explanatory data.
Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
Paper#: Ferron #1

· Anon. “East Window is exciting,” The Anglican, (May 1970): n.p., illus.
Annotation:  Article describes Yvonne Williams’ East Window at St. Timothy’s Church, Toronto.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #27

· Anon. “Ten-year project completed by church, The Post, (Burlington) (9 Dec. 1970: 37.
Annotation: Article describes stained glass window by Yvonne Williams in the Wellington Square United Church, Burlington.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #19

· Anon. "News Release: Stained Glass by Robert Pinart at French Embassy." French Cultural Services, News release. New York: French Embassy, 972 Fifth Avenue, 1971.
Annotation: Announcement of an Exhibition of work by French stained glass artist Robert Pinart, held at the French Embassy,
New York, 27 February-27 March 1971. Provides some bibliographical information and a partial list of sites of his work in both Europe and America.
Keywords: Pinart
Paper #: Anon. #2

· Anon. "Arts Alive at Calgary," Stained Glass 67.2 (Summer 1972): 24-25, illus.
Annotation: Formal analysis of V.C.Thompson's display of stained glass for the "Arts Alive" exhibition at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Keyword: Thompson
Paper #: Thompson #1

· Anon. Four Decades (Canada)1972: n.p., illus.
Annotation: Peter Haworth and Bobs Cogill Haworth are discussed in the context of their involvement with the Canadian Group of Painters. Some biographical details are noted.
Paper #:
Haworth #10

· Anon. “Christmas – Stained Glass Windows” Canada Post, 1976, illus.
Annotation: Leaflet produced by Canada Post with a brief history of stained glass and its inspiration for Christian art. Three stained glass nativity scenes are illustrated, including a rondel by Yvonne Williams.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #18

· Anon. "Yvonne Williams created....," CraftNews (Ontario Crafts Council) 2.1 (Jan.1977): 2, illus.
Annotation: Illustration of Canada Post stamp adorned with reproduction of William's stained glass roundel. Accompanying text quotes Williams views on how to run a good stained glass studio.
Keyword: Williams
Paper #: Williams #3

· Anon. "Stained Glass Bibliography." Canada Crafts 4.1 (October-November 1978): 37-38.
Annotation: Brief bibliography arranged thematically under the headings: History; Technique; General; magazines.
Keywords: Bibliography
Paper #: Anon. #12

· Anon. "'Mother and Child' roundel by Yvonne Williams," CraftNews (Ontario Crafts Council) 3.6 (Nov.1978): 1, illus.
Annotation: Illustration of Williams 'Mother and Child' roundel in memory of Dr. Adelaide Marriott, commissioned by the volunteer committee of the Ontario Crafts Council and presented to the Council's permanent collection at the 1978 annual general meeting.
Keyword: Williams
Paper #: Williams #2

· Anon. "Yvonne Williams," Artisan News 2 (May-June 1979): 7.
Annotation: A brief biography of Williams published in connection with an honour bestowed on her by the Canadian Crafts Council.
Keyword: Williams
Paper #: Williams #4

· Anon. "Artists in Stained Glass." Craftnews (Ontario Crafts Council) 5.1 (January 1980): 12.
Annotation: Report on the organization "Artists in Stained Glass" (ASG) summarizing their function and facilities.
Keywords: Artists in Stained Glass (ASG)
Paper #: Anon. #15

· Anon. "Architectural Glass." Glass 8.1 (March 1980): 50-52. 1 reproduction.
Annotation: Some discussion of the work of Kerry Kelly of
Victoria. Discusses the influence of German Glassworker Ludwig Schaffrath. Discusses his commission at Concordia Place in Toronto.
Keywords: Kerry Kelly;
Toronto; Victoria; Ludwig Schaffrath
Paper #: Anon. #8

· Anon. "Profile: Lutz Haufschild - Burnaby Jamatkhana, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada", Stained Glass (summer 1984): 160-161, illus.
Annotation: Includes project description of Haufschild's commission at the Ismaili mosque in
Burnaby. Also includes brief overview of artist's background, and an architectural diagram of a typical interior window elevation.
Keywords: Haufschild; Burnaby Jamatkhana (Ismaili mosque,
Burnaby); Kitsilano Stained Glass Ltd., Vancouver
Paper #: Haufschild #1

· Anon. Untitled. Globe and Mail. (April 28, 1984): n.p.
Annotation: Brief article noting reception held for the
Haworths in honor of their joint exhibition at the Robarts Gallery.
Paper #:
Haworth #11

· Anon. "Angus Macdonald Renowned for Work with Stained Glass," Toronto Star (30 Mar.1986): A-16.
Annotation: This obituary focuses on biographic and anecdotal material with a cursory look at his work in stained glass. Commissions mentioned St. James Cathedral, St. Luke's Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie and
Canada's diplomatic mission in New York.
Keywords: Macdonald; St. James Cathedral, Toronto; St. Luke's Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie; Canada House, New York.
Paper #: MacDonald #4

· Anon. "Ancient and Contemporary Stained Glass." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (December 1989): n.p.
Annotation: Describes the International Centre for Stained Glass Art,
Chartres, France, and lists the Canadian artists who attended the 1989 Salon International du vitrail exhibition there.
Keywords: The International Centre of Stained Glass Art, Chartres, France; Bettinger, Claude; Hall, Sarah; Obata, Sue; Pearl, David; Wilde, David.
Paper #: Anon. #5

· Anon. "Spotlight on Members: Judy Jennings." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (December 1989): n.p.
Annotation: Brief discussion of
Winnipeg artist Judy Jennings.
Jennings, Judy; Winnipeg
Paper #: Anon. #7

· Anon."Joachim Klos." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (February 1990): 1-2.
Annotation: Bibliographical information about West German stained glass designer, Joachim Klos.
Keywords: Klos, Joachim; St. Thomas Morus; Priesterseminar; St. Jakobus; St. Petronila; St. Sebastian, Germany; Dohmke, Professor.
Paper#: Anon. #6

· Anon. "Spotlight on Members: Kathy Irwin." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (February 1990): 2.
Annotation: Brief discussion about
Toronto artist, Kathy Irwin, who experiments with techniques of fusing and slumping glass.
Keywords: Irwin, Kathy; fusing; slumping
Paper #: Anon. #6

· Anon. Stained Glass Memorial Windows in Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto. Toronto (1990).
Annotation: Pamphlet briefly describes 22 memorial windows in Yorkminster Park Baptist Church.
Keywords: McCausland; Haworth, Peter; Willett Studios (Philadelphia);Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto.
Paper #: RSGC Church File

· Anon Biography of Sarah Hall (c. 1991): 1.
Annotation: Promotional biographical sheet for Sarah Hall put by her studio.
Keywords: Hall
Paper #: Hall #8

· Anon. Front Cover of Modern Liturgy 18.7 (September 1991).
Annotation: Full color reproduction of a stained glass window by Sarah Hall.
Keywords: Hall
Paper #: Hall #5

· Anon. “Resident’s Work Honoured on TVO,” Parry Sound Beacon, (9 Sept. 1991): n.p., illus.
Annotation:  Article announces a TVOntario presentation featuring 60 years of Yvonne Williams’ work.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #28

· Anon. "Hold Me In the Light." (1992)
Annotation: Flyer for an exhibition of new works by Sarah Hall entitled "Hold Me In the Light" at
Regis College, 15 St. Mary St., Toronto, 13 January - 1 March, 1992.
Keywords: Hall
Paper #: Hall #2

· Anon. “Light Shines on Artist” The Anglican (Jan., 1992): 13. 1 b&w reproduction.
Annotation: Announcement that Sarah hall won the “Bene Award” for her stained glass window entitled “Road to Damascus” located in St. Paul the Apostle Church, Toronto. This award is presented by the American magazine Modern Liturgy.
Keywords: Hall
Paper #: Hall #1

· Anon.  The Dedication of the Missions Window, Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto (1995).
Annotation: Booklet includes a reproduction of the Missions Window and a description. It also includes brief biographies for the couple the window was dedicated to: Charles Percival Fell, LL.D, and Grace Elizabeth Matthews Fell.
Keywords: Fell, Charles P. and Grace E.M.; McCausland; Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto (McCausland, Andrew; Herbst, Marlene?)
Paper #: RSGC Church file

· Anon.
Annotation: A list of churches with Russell C. Goodman windows. 3 pages.
Keywords: Goodman
Paper #: Goodman #1

· Anon.
Annotation: A brochure on Russell C. Goodman windows with seven color reproductions. 4 pages.
Keywords: Goodman
Paper #: Goodman #2

· Anon. Cowan and Hollister Studio, n.d.
Annotation: See Cowan & Hollister Studio file in City of Toronto Archives
Keywords: Cowan; Hollister.
Paper #: Hollister #1

· Anon. Lecture given by Sarah Hall, n.d.
Annotation: Flyer for a lecture given by Sarah Hall in the Lecture room, Planetarium, ROM, Toronto.
Keywords: Hall
Paper #:

· Anon. A Stained Glass Tour of Toronto, n.d.
Annotation: Flyer for "A Stained Glass Tour of Toronto" guided by Sarah Hall and sponsored by the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, no date, (prob. 1991).
Keywords: Hall
Paper #: Hall #3

· Anon. Trinity Window, n.d.
Annotation: Postcard depicting Sarah Hall's "Trinity Window" at St. Matthias Church, Toronto.
Keywords: Hall, Sarah; St.Matthias Church, Toronto
Paper #: Hall #3

· Anon. Regions of the Air, n.d.
Annotation: Postcard depicting Sarah Hall's "Regions of the Air" window at 271/2 Garden Avenue, Toronto, Ontario (30'x72'''); full color reproduction. 2 copies.
Keywords: Hall
Paper #: Hall #6

· Anon. "The Architecture of the Chapel." Bishop Strachan School Magazine (n.d.): 9-10.
Annotation: Detailed formal description of the Bishop Strachan School Chapel, noting
Haworth's contribution of the chancel window.
Haworth; Bishop Strachan School Chapel; Toronto
Paper #:
Haworth #2

· Anon. "The Sanctuary Window." Bishop Strachan School Magazine (n.d.):11.
Annotation: Iconographical description of
Haworth's Sanctuary window for the Bishop Strachan School Chapel.
Keywords: Haworth;
Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #7

· Anon. "Haworth, Peter." Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library. Fine Art-Vertical File. Canadian Artists.
Annotation: Photocopied materials including copies of paintings by Peter Haworth and Bobs Haworth; advertisements and exhibition pamphlets.
Paper #:
Haworth #8

· Anon. "Peter Haworth". Toronto: Roberts Gallery Limited, n.d.
Annotation: Resume giving birth and death dates and places: education and employment information; vague information about commissions; professional societies to which
Haworth belonged and collections in which he is represented. His painting technique is also described.
Paper #:
Haworth #9

· Anon. Luxfer Artists and Craftsmen in Stained Glass.
Annotation: A pamphlet . 5 color ill.
Keywords: Luxfer
Paper #: Luxfer #2

· Aarens, Anita (ed.) "Nancy-Lou Patterson," Allied Arts Catalogue des Arts Connexes (Oct.1996): 3. illus.
Annotation: Directory listing giving address, place of employment and area of specialization.
Keywords: Patterson;
Mennonite Conrad Grebel College Chapel, Waterloo
Paper #: Patterson #1

· Anon. The Chapel of United Church House, n.d.
Annotation: A pamphlet which includes reproductions of the seven stained glass windows in the chapel and a description (4 pages).
Keywords: Williams, Yvonne; Taylor, Ernest C., United Church House Chapel
Paper #: RSGC Church file

· Anon. The Interior of St. Demetrius Church. Toronto, St. Demetrius Church, (n.d.), ill.
Annotation: Booklet with reproductions of some of the stained glass windows and a brief section entitled "Painting with Light and Colours, The Tale of the Stained Glass Windows of St. Demetrius", which appears to have been written by the artist, Yaroslava Surmach-Mills.
Keywords: St. Demetrius Church, Toronto; Yaroslava Surmach-Mills
Paper #: RSGC Church file

· Anon. St. Demetrius the Great Martyr (n.d.)
Annotation: Postcard reproducing the design for the stained glass window by Yaroslava Surmach-Mills in the Church of St. Demetrius, Toronto. Includes a very brief description of the window's iconography.
Keywords: St. Demetrius Church, Toronto; Yaroslava Surmach-Mills
Paper #: RSGC Church file

· Anon. The Nativity (n.d.)
Annotation: Postcard reproducing the design for The Nativity stained glass window by Yaroslava Surmach-Mills in the Church of St. Demetrius, Toronto. Includes a very brief description of the window's iconography.
Keywords: St. Demetrius Church, Toronto; Yaroslava Surmach-Mills
Paper #: RSGC Church file

· Anon. The Resurrection (n.d.)
Annotation: Postcard reproducing the design for The Resurrection stained glass window by Yaroslava Surmach-Mills in the Church of St. Demetrius, Toronto. Includes a very brief description of the window's iconography.
Keywords: St. Demetrius Church, Toronto; Yaroslava Surmach-Mills
Paper #: RSGC Church file

· Aarens, Anita (ed.). "Ernestine Tahedl," Allied Arts Catalogue des Arts Connexes, Vol.1 (Oct.1966): 1, illus.
Annotation: Catalogue entry giving Tahedl's address and brief mention of award and commissions.
Keywords: Tahedl; Sisters of the Holy Cross Chapel,
Paper #: Tahedl #1

· Aarens, Anita (ed). "Gerald Tooke," Allied Arts Catalogue des Arts Connexes Vol.1 (Oct.1966): 2, illus.
Annotation: Catalogue entry giving Tooke's address and brief description of his approach to stained glass.
Keywords: Tooke; St.Paul Street United Church, St.Catherines; St.Bernadette R.C.Church,
Winnipeg; Our Lady's Missionaries Mother House, Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #: Tooke #1

· Ahlborn, Richard E. "Canadiana at the Smithsonian." Canadian Antiques Collector 3.5 (May 1968): 7-10.
Annotation: This is a discussion of Canadian objects in the Smithsonian's
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Annotation: A review of an exhibition at the
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Dawson City, Old City Hall and St. John the Evangelist church, North Vancouver are noted. Designers John Ramsden and Edward Low are mentioned.
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Annotation: Article describes a renewal of interest in stained glass in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, particularly through a break from realism and new techniques used to make stained glass. Williams’ recent works are presented as examples and her working method is described.
Keywords: Williams
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Annotation: This news article discusses Vincent Poggi's working method.
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Bloomfield #2

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Annotation: A discussion of “new” church architecture in
Quebec. Architects Adrien Dufresne and Lucien Parent are mentioned in passing, yet this article is remarkably ambiguous. While Bland formally describes the new style, there are no examples, no illustrations, thus, his meaning eludes the reader. Bland stresses that the new architecture demands a new type of window (such as those by Marius Plamondon) but he does not describe these windows in much detail.
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Haworth; Allen; technique; materials.
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Haworth #12

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Peace Tower in the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, by Cowan and Hollister.
Peace Tower; Ottawa; Hollister; Cowan; war memorial.
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Bloomfield #4

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Annotation: This article is a profile of the artist Kerry Joe Kelly who turned to glass work in the early 70's. While his early approach was quite traditional, he showed little interest in color, but he was never prone to the "Tiffany-lamp kit" mentality of the time. Bruce notes that as the popularity of Kelly's work grew he was able to undertake some public and private commissions, including one which took first prize in the international competition "Fragile Art '77" sponsored by Glass Magazine.
Keywords: Kelly
Paper #: Kelly #1

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Annotation: Unpublished essay. This student essay was submitted for AK/VISA 4450.03, Studies in Canadian Art: Stained Glass in Canada at York University, includes a discussion of Williams’ commissions for the Necropolis Chapel at Riverdale Cemetery, Toronto; Holy Rosary Church, Toronto; St. Michaels and All Angels Church, Toronto; and Deer Park United Church, Toronto. Includes a bibliography and a chronology of commissions.
Keyword: Williams
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Annotation: Reports the dedication service for Eric Wesselow's 40 windows at
Temple Sinai, Toronto.
Keywords: Wesselow;
Temple Sinai, Toronto
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Annotation: Four black and white reproductions. An essentially biographical article with particular reference to the influence of
Chartres' windows on her work as well as the importance of her own religious (Quaker) convictions for Sarah Hall. The article includes illustrated discussions of three Toronto installations, one at Jessie's Centre for Teenagers, one at Scotia Plaza and one at Mother Theresa Catholic Secondary School.
Keywords: Hall;
Toronto; Poulton, Michael.
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Annotation: A report of Roderick Payne's investigation of the history of the Art Nouveau stained glass windows at Craigdarroch castle done by the Povey Bros. Of
Portland, Oregon.
Craigdarroch Castle; Victoria, B.C.; Tiffany; Povey Bros. (Portland); Art Nouveau
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Toronto and St.Luke's Ang.Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie. She also describes his innovative use of layered glass to form a mural at Canada House, New York. She mentions other activities - paintings produced for 15 LCBO stores and prototypes and colors produced for Westwind Fabrics of Canada Ltd. Cherry also notes that MacDonald creates stained glass for individuals, an example of which can be seen at 82 Forest Hill Road, Toronto. An upcoming show at the Manchester Arts Association in Boston, opening August 30,1968 is mentioned - as well as paintings, for the first time stained glass in the form of sculpture will be included. Cherry ends with a biographical note.
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Paper #:
Haworth #13

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Paper #: Ferron #2

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Paper #: Daymond #1

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Annotation: A discussion of a group of artists, most of whom are faculty members in
St. John high schools, in Hampton, New Brunswick. Members of the group are: Peter Furse, map-maker; Barbara Furse, painter; Kathy Hooper, painter; John Hooper, sculptor; George Fry, illustrator; Herbert Foley, graphics; and Peter Louy, stained glass artist. The article discusses Louy as a Goth and makes mention of two of his window programs in Switzerland.
Keywords: Hampton Group;
New Brunswick; Peter Louy
Paper #:
Dearborn #1

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Annotation: Describes a visit with stained glass master Eric Wesselow.
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Annotation: A generally positive review of the show "The Magic of Glass" at Harbourfront, 1978 (specifics not given). Includes descriptions of works by the following artists: John Stonkus, Karen Morris, Karen Jack Krupa, Ernestine Tahedl, Alan Stein, Christopher Wallis, Denise Therrian, Robert Jeckyll, Astri Reusch.
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Annotation: A brief discussion of Robert Jekyll's approach to stained glass, focusing on his scholarly interest in the history and revival of stained glass and noting his recognition of the fact that modern concerns require new forms and techniques. His involvement with Artists in Stained Glass, a group formed in
Toronto in 1975 to promote stained glass as a contemporary art form is mentioned.
Keywords: Jekyll;Artists in Stained Glass.
Paper #: Jekyll #1

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Keywords: Haworth
Paper #: Haworth #14

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Annotation: Unpublished essay. This student essay, submitted for AK/VISA 4450.03, Studies in Canadian Art: Stained Glass in Canada at York University, includes a discussion of Haworth's early life and education. Dippo also considers the influence on Haworth of Arts and Crafts stained glass artists including Robert Anning Bell, Christopher Whall, A. J. Davis, Frank Hollister and Wilhelmina Geddes. She looks at the following commissions: Deer Park United Church (which is compared to C.E. Kempe's St. Paul's Anglican Church commission); Bishop Strachan; St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church; St. James cathedral and St. George's Cathedral, Kingston. Includes chronology of commissions and artist's CV.
Keywords: Haworth; Allen; Pringle and London; C.E. Kempe  and Company; St. Paul's Anglican Church, Toronto; Deer Park United Church, Toronto; Bishop Strachan School, Toronto; St. Andrew's Presbyterian , Toronto; Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto; St. James Anglican Cathedral, Toronto; St. George's Anglican Cathedral, Kingston; Toronto; Kingston.
Paper #: Haworth #15

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Annotation: Obituary includes some biographical information and notes examples of
Haworth's work across Canada.
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Paper #:
Haworth #16

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Annotation: A personal account of Drengson's bout with lead poisoning resulting from soldering lead cames in the construction of stained glass windows. A cautionary tale for other artists mentioning other health hazards (Silicosis) associated with working with stained glass.
Keywords: Alan Drengson;
British Columbia; Health Hazards (Lead Poisoning)
Paper #: Drengson #1

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Keywords: Williams; Haworth; Allen; Nazier; Simon.
Paper #:
Haworth #17

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Annotation: Discusses Haufschild's early training and education, noting that stained glass was a hobby with which he financed his study of architecture and then art history. Elford chronicles Haufschild's move to
Canada, discussing the following commissions in detail: St.Andrew's Lutheran Church, Toronto; Coquitlam Centre Mall, Vancouver; The Benedictine Monastery, Mission, B.C.; The Ismaili Mosque in Burnaby, B.C. & The SkyDome Toronto. Elford also notes that Haufschild is a designer, not a craftsman and lists the studios with which he works: Kitsilano Stained Glass Studios, Vancouver; Hein Derix Studios, Kevlaer, Germany; Wilhelm Derix Studios, Taunustein, Germany; and the Pilchuck School of Glass in Washington State.
Keywords: Haufschild; St.Andrews Lutheran Church, Toronto; Coquitlam Centre Mall, Vancouver; Benedictine Monastery, Mission, B.C. (Westminster Abbey Church); Ismaili Mosque, Burnaby, B.C. (Burnaby Jamatkhana); SkyDome, Toronto; Kitsilano Stained Glass Limited, Vancouver.
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Annotation: A pamphlet with a color reproduction of "Arlene Dancing", 1992.
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Paper#: Eversole #1

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Keywords: Plamondon.
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Keywords: Milne; Eleanor; The Commons; Parliament Buildings, Ottawa; Mestrovic, Ivan; The Senate; Parliament Hill, Ottawa
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Annotation: Article contains biographical information about Guido Nincheri and briefly mentions his training with Henri Perdriau. Mentions a number of the artist’s main projects in
Ottawa and Montreal in the 1920s. Describes Nincheri’s frescoes in addition to his stained glass work.
Keywords: Nincheri;
Paper #: Nincheri #2

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Annotation: Booklet describes the history and symbolism of the windows at Runnymede United Church.
Keywords: Celtic Studios; McCausland; Runnymede United Church, Toronto
Paper #: RSGC Church file

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Annotation:  Article discusses Williams’ approach to stained glass in church architecture with a brief biography.
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Paper #:
Haworth #18

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Keywords: Williams; Simon; Weisman;
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Annotation: A study of ornamental window types in
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Montreal; Hobbs; Perdriau
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Annotation: Critical study of a series of examples of stained glass found on
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Annotation: Broad survey of the development of Canadian trade studios according to European models. Describes the increase and waning of interest in stained glass in
Canada without making reference to specific trade studios or commissions. Ends with an assessment of current resurgence of interest in stained glass.
Keywords: Holman Hunt; trade studios; Armitage, Liddel
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Ryerson United Church (Duncan Dearle).
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West Vancouver Memorial Library; St. Andrew's Wesley United Church, Vancouver; Ryerson United Church,Vancouver; Morris and Company Art Workers Ltd.; British Columbia.
Paper #: Dearle #1

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Annotation: Discusses the three windows illustrating scenes from everyday life in ancient
Egypt which were created by Henry Holiday for the Household Sciences Building at the University of Toronto ca.1915-16.
Holiday; Toronto
Paper #: Holiday #2

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Annotation: A detailed discussion of the stained glass windows created by Haufschild and his associates for Westminster Abbey Church at the Benedictine Monastery, Mission, B.C. The formal properties are considered in some detail, as is the relationship of the windows to their architectural setting. The medium used by Haufschild, dalle de verre, is also addressed.
Keywords: Haufschild;
Westminster Abbey Church (Benedictine Monastery), Mission, B.C.
Paper #: Haufschild #3

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Annotation: Diagram showing placement of Holy and Noble Women lights in Bishop Strachan School Chapel, as amended by Robin Harmer. Papers in
Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto.
Keywords: Haworth;
Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #19

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Annotation: Letter to Erika Dippo, June 5, 1991., re:
Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto. Letter from Bishop Strachan archivist describing contents of Peter Haworth file.
Keywords: Haworth;
Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #20

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Annotation: This discussion of Huot's education and career highlights focuses on his painting, including the fresco and mural decoration of many religious buildings in
Quebec and the Legislative Buildings in Québec City, but concludes with mention of the stained glass windows created for the Library of Parliament, Québec.
Keywords: Huot; Library of Parliament, Québec.
Paper #: Huot #1

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Keywords: Nincheri
Paper #: Nincheri #6

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Keywords: Haufschild;
Scotia Place, Edmonton; Kitsilano Stained Glass, Vancouver; Fremont Antique Glass Company, Seattle
Paper # : Haufschild #4

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Annotation: Letter to Sidney H. Jones, Esq., Secretary-Bursar,
Bishop Strachan School. February 5, 1930. Papers re: Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto.
Haworth; Flora Cumming memorial window; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto
Paper #:
Haworth #21

· Haworth, Peter. Untitled.
Annotation: Letter to Mrs. Norman R. Gibson.
March 13, 1990, explaining subjects and quoting price of her daughter's (Marjory Gibson) memorial window. Papers re: Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto.
Haworth; Marjory Gibson memorial window; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #22

· Haworth, Peter. Description of Holy and Noble Women.
Annotation: Papers re:
Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto. Iconographical description of the Holy and Noble Women, compiled prior to execution, as there are three changes in placement and St. Clare was replaced by St. Cecilia.
Keywords: Haworth;
Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #23

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Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
Paper #: Ferron #3

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Annotation: Identifies authorship and date of the sixteenth century Belgian narrative panel in the
Royal Ontario Museum's Collection, Toronto.
Keywords: Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto; Metropolitan Museum, New York; Burrell Collection, Glasgow; Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England; Diependale, Jan van; Ruterius, Nicholas, Bishop of Arras, Belgium
Paper #: Hickl-Zsabo #1

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Annotation: Highlights Reyntiens' achievements as artist and teacher. Announces his planned trip to
Canada and projected lecture for AISG members.
Keywords: Reyntiens, Patric; painting on glass; Liverpool Cathedral,
Liverpool, England; Burleighfield House, England.
Paper #: Higgins #1

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Annotation: Musings by Hollister condemning factory stained glass for its ugliness and promoting fine artistry in windows. He is embarrassed by the Canadian patron's lack of taste.
Keywords: Hollister; aesthetics; theory.
Paper #: Hollister #2

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Annotation: Beginning with the Platonic concept that "A real love of beauty is the true aim of education", that art ennobles the spirit, the author then decries the puerile and meaningless work in stained glass being made in
Canada in his day. The quality of the art, he believes, is diminished by the unsophisticated taste of the patron. The patron should butt out and let real artists make windows thus "these situations which so needlessly expose us to ridicule would not happen".
Keywords: Hollister; Aesthetics; Theory.
Paper #: Hollister #3

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Annotation: Further musings by Hollister regarding the degenerate state of the Art of Stained Glass in
Canada. Here he calls the figural windows being produced in Canada as "Ars reductio ad absurdum". Further he states that we have become so muddled with money, mediocrity and morals, that in meddling with art, we succeed only in getting further mired in our muddle. His premise is that societies will be judged by their public buildings--great civilizations will have great architecture.
Keywords: Hollister; aesthetics; theory
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Annotation: Assesses literature since 1960 that has been concerned with Canadian glass production, including some stained glass. Introductory essay outlines research and assessment parameters, as well as some history of scholarly and collection research that has been done in the field. Provides a list of literature arranged alphabetically by author. The list concentrates on tableware, bottles, jars, and lamps and touches on insulators, stained glass, studio glass, and beads.
Keywords: bibliography; documentary research; industrial archeology; collecting
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Ontario Crafts Council) 6.4 (May 1981): 1-2. 1 illus.
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Keywords: Pilchuck Glass Centre, Vallien, Bertil.
Paper #: Houde #1

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Keywords: Nincheri;
Paper #: Nincheri #3

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Keywords: Collections
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Annotation: In the chapter "The Group Dissolved"
Jackson notes that he had been away on sketching trips with Peter and Bobs Haworth.
Paper #:
Haworth #25

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Kevelaer, Germany
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Keywords: Jekyll
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Annotation: Basic explanation of the technique involved in making stained glass, movin from the production of the glass to the composition of the window with glass pieces and lead cames of copper wire. Includes photograph of German window by Ludwig Schaffrath.
Keywords: Colour; vitreous enamel paint; lead cames; Schaffrath, Ludwig
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Annotation: Report of a banquet held at the Engineering Club,
Toronto. Statement that Toronto is truly an Art Glass Centre. Present at the banquet were Mr.Hill of the Toronto Plate Glass Importing co., Mr.A.A.McKay of the Dominion Stained Glass Co., and Mr.Cowan of the Luxfer Prism Co.
Keywords: Mr. Hill (Toronto Plate GlassImporting Co.); Mr. Cowan of the Luxfer Prism Co.; A.A. McKay (Dominion Stained Glass Co.)
Paper #: JFG #1

· Jones, Sidney H. Untitled
Annotation: Secretary-Bursar,
Bishop Strachan School. Letter to Miss Wright. January 22, 1930. Papers re: Haworth's stained glass windows in chapel. Bishop Strachan School Archives, Toronto. Letter accepting Haworth's design for the 4 lights donated by the Wright sisters but denying Haworth's request for control over entire window.
Haworth; Flora Cumming memorial Window; Bishop Strachan School Chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #26

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Annotation: A positive review of the show "Fresh Steps in Glass" at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (June 24-August 8, 1982). This show included glass by 15 Canadians and 7 Americans. Relying on formal analysis Keeble discusses the work of 8 of these artists in detail. (Robert Jeskyll (illustrated), Clive Blewchamp (illustrated), Gundar Robez, Marni Bakst (illustrated), Richard Millard (illustrated), Robert Yelle (illustrated), John Stonkus (illustrated), Mary Shaffer. These artists all make non-representation stained glass. There are also illustrations of windows by Stuart Reid and Denise Therrien.
Keywords: Robert Jeckyll; Clive Blewchamp; Gundar Robez; Marni Bakst; David Wilson; Richard Millard; Robert Yelle; John Stonkus; Eric Hilton; Sarah Hall; Doreen Balabanoff; James Carpenter; Denise Therrien; Mary Shaffer; Stuart Reid
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Old City Hall, site of a McCausland window commissioned in 1878.
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Keywords: Morris; Dearle
Paper #: Morris #1

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Annotation: Surveys the developments and trends in contemporary American stained glass by artists. Also mentions degree programs in stained glass offered by American institutions.
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Keywords: Williams
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London. Also includes discussion with Monica Thwaites, the Canadian artist who restored them. St. Francis-in-the-Wood, Caulfield, West Vancouver and the stained glass at the West Vancouver Memorial Library, produced by Morris and Company Art Workers Ltd. are also noted.
Keywords: Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver; St. Francis-in-the-Wood, Caulfield, West Vancouver; West Vancouver Memorial Library; Morris, William; Burne-Jones, Edward; Dearle; Morris and Company Art Workers Ltd.; Kitsilano Glass; Thwaites; British Columbia; Vancouver
Paper#: Dearle #2

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Annotation: Discusses how Yvonne Williams established an innovative stained glass studio in
Toronto. A list of her apprentices is included, and it is noted that her cutting and glazing was handled by George London and then Stephen Taylor.
Keynotes: Williams; Simon; Weisman; McNicholl; Kilbourn; Taylor; London,George; Wellington Square United Church, Burlington, Ontario
Paper #: Williams #6

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Annotation: Two reproductions. Brief discussion of her stained glass in the context of her association with les Automatistes.
Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
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Paper #: Plamandon #8

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Annotation: Formal analysis of The Hamilton (
Ontario) Mausoleum with detailed descriptions of its stained glass windows and an in-depth discussion of the great chapel window by James Blomfield.
Keywords: Blo(o)mfield; James Blomfield;
Hamilton; Ontario.
Bloomfield #5

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Annotation: Concerns the importance of memorial windows, especially in the churches of
Quebec City, Que., and their evolution between 1864 and 1957. Explores commemorative function according to subject matter and iconography of window as well as bibliographical information pertaining to person memorized. Compares Catholic with non-Catholic. Studies the windows using the analytical strategies of Michel Foucault.
Quebec, memorial windows
Paper #: Laroche #1

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Annotation: A capsule history of stained glass in
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Paper #: Laroche #2

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Quebec; Perdriau; Huot; art nouveau
Paper #: Laroche #3

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Annotation: A study of the 12 windows in the church of Saint-Mathieu, put in place ca.1937, outside of
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Paper #: Laroche #4

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Annotation: A list of sites in
Quebec with stained glass windows and the names of the studios and artists involved. It also includes a bibliography.
Paper #: Laroche #5

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Annotation:  A brief profile and biography of the artist.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #26

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Annotation: Discusses the work of three professors at the École des Beaux-Arts, including Plamondon. Plamondon's sculpture and approach to stained glass.
Keywords: Plamondon
Paper #: Plamandon #9

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Annotation: illus. of "Memorial Window" by Robert McCausland,
Toronto. Shows image of window by R. McCausland.
Keywords: McCausland, Robert; Architectural Eighteen Club;
Paper #: McCausland #18

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Annotation: Outlines trends in commissions, stylistic tendencies and influences since WW II, without naming the chief practitioners.
Keywords:  British Society of Master Glass Painters
Paper #:

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Annotation:  A brief profile of the artist and her working methods.
Keywords: Williams
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Annotation: Letter to the editor in which Lubbers states that what Stained Glass had mistakenly called "Imitation Glass in Concrete" was really "Laminated Antique Glass" and that the technique was developed by Lubbers in 1962-3. Examples of it can be seen in the Hotel Dieu Chapel and
St. Joseph's Church in Windsor as well as in Holy Cross Church and the Junior seminary in London.
Keywords: Theo Lubbers;
Windsor; London
Paper #: Lubbers #3

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Annotation: Brief formal and technical description of Eleanor Milne's
Yukon and Northwest Territories stained glass windows in the House of Commons, Ottawa.
Keywords: Milne;
Ottawa; Parliament Buildings
Paper #: Milne #1

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Keywords: Williams, Yvonne
Paper #: Williams #37

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Annotation: Article describes the windows by Yvonne Williams in the chapel at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #31

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Annotation: Brief mention of the shipment of stained glass windows by Yvonne Williams to an unnamed boys’ school in Vernon, B.C.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #32

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Annotation: Very brief mention of Yvonne Williams in relation to the Church Crafts League.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #33

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Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #36

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Annotation: This discusses Simon's career as a stained glass artist and book illustrator in
Toronto and New York.
Keywords: Simon; Williams,Yvonne;
Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto
Paper #: Simon #2

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Annotation:  Article focuses on Williams’ window of Walther von der Vogelweider, for Strachan Hall, Trinity College, University of Toronto.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #21

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Keywords: McCausland, Robert; McCausland Joseph; McCausland, Alan; McCausland, Gordon; McCausland, Andrew; McCausland & Sons; Bullock, William; Horwood, Henry; Lawder, James; Lyon, N.T.; Brown, J.W.; Bladen, T.W.; Ramsden, John; Low, Edward.
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Paper #: McCausland #7

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Annotation: Business flyer announcing McCausland's position as sole Canadian agency for the mosaic studios of Messrs.Gianese Cav.Angelo & Co., Venice and the addition of an architectural department to the McCausland Studios under the direction of Lindsay A.Wardell.
Keywords: McCausland,Robert; McCausland & Sons.
Paper #: McCausland #8

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Annotation: A brief overview of the history of stained glass is followed by a detailed explanation of the process of creating a McCausland window. This process is described under the headings "From the Crude Glass to Finished Perfection" and "The Standard that Has Made our Windows so Widely Known." The remainder of the article offers practical advice for ordering a stained glass window, and describes the McCausland approach to memorial windows, those for general church use, and finally windows for domestic or commercial use.
Keywords: McCausland,Robert; McCausland & Sons.
Paper #: McCausland #9

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Annotation: Biographical entry with reference to one stained glass window at Christ Church Cathedral in Victoria, B.C. Blomfield was a painter, architect and did many types of church decoration. Includes 6 references.
Keywords: Bl(o)omfield; James Blomfield;
Victoria; British Columbia.
Bloomfield #6

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Annotation: This detailed biography of Huot's education and career in France and then
Quebec City includes many references to the success of Huot as a painter of historical and religious pictures. No mention of Huot's involvement with stained glass.
Keywords: Huot
Paper #: Huot #2

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Annotation: Biography of
Haworth focusing mainly on his work as a painter, but includes quote from 1952 article by Melwyn Breen which gives a step-by-step rundown of Haworth's procedure for creating stained glass.
Keywords: Haworth; Allen.
Paper #:
Haworth #27

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Annotation: Provides information about Kilbourn's artistic training and notes her work in murals and wood engraving. There is no mention of her work in stained glass.
Keywords: Kilbourn
Paper #: Kilbourn #1

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Annotation: Very thin biography noting only that Kelsey hails from
Westmount, Quebec. Limited information on Kelsey's stained glass windows for Trinity Church, St.Agathe and St.George's Church, Dominion Square, Montreal.
Keywords: Kelsey;
Trinity Church, St.Agathe; St.George's Church, Dominion Square, Montreal.
Paper #: Kelsey #1

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Annotation: Discussion of Lubbers's early training and his move to
Canada, noting his participation in the founding of the Guild Studio in Ottawa. His subsequent move to Montreal is noted, as well as the following commissions in that city: Hotel Dieu, St.Andrew's United Church, Shaar Hashomayim synagogue. His technique of using antique glass set in concrete is also noted.
Keywords: Lubbers; Hotel Dieu, Montreal; St.Andrew's United Church, Westmount; Shaar Hashomayim, Westmount; Guild Studio, Ottawa
Paper #: Lubbers #2

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Annotation: Very brief biographical entry describing Joseph as the founder of the McCausland firm. He created the stained glass window for the chapel of
Holy Trinity Church, Toronto.
Keywords: McCausland, Joseph; Holy Trinity,
Paper #: McCausland #3

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Annotation: Brief biographical entry describing Robert as son of Joseph McCausland, painter, Director of OCA also A.R.C.A.
Keywords: McCausland, Robert
Paper #: McCausland #4

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Annotation: Very brief biographical entry describing Alan McCausland as the then (1974) current head of the McCausland firm and the grandson of its founder Joseph.
Keywords: McCausland,Alan
Paper #: McCausland #5

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Keywords: MacDonald; Hamilton House; CNE Hall of Fame, Toronto; King Edward Hotel, Toronto; St.Carlo of Borromeo R.C. Church, Toronto; St.Luke's Anglican Cathedral, Sault Ste. Marie; Canada House, New York City
Paper#: MacDonald #3

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Annotation: Extremely brief entry noting Nincheri's church decoration in
Keywords: Nincheri;
Church of Our Lady of Defense, Montreal
Paper #: Nincheri #4

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Annotation: Biographical information, with specific reference to stained glass at the
Mennonite Conrad Grebel College, Waterloo.
Keywords: Patterson;
Mennonite Conrad Grebel College, Waterloo.
Paper #: Patterson #2

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Annotation: Biography covering Plamondon's artistic training and career, focusing on his stained glass commissions. Sites discussed include the Novitiate of Les Clercs de Saint-Viateur at Joliette; "Les Voyageurs" cocktail lounge, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal; Beaver Club, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal; Basilique de l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont Royal, Montreal.
Keywords: Plamondon; Rose,Ernest; Barbeau,Fred; East,Benoit; Ferland,Olivier; Gagnon, Aristide; Novitiate of Les Clercs de Saint-Viateur, Joliette; "Les Voyageurs" cocktail lounge, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal; Beaver Club; Basilique de l'Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont Royal, Montreal.
Paper #: Plamandon #10

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Annotation: Primarily a discussion of Wesselow's education and intellectual accomplishments; his migration to
Canada and his stained glass windows at Dorval Airport and Temple Sinai are noted. His patented techniques are also mentioned.
Keywords: Wesselow;
Dorval Airport, Montreal; Temple Sinai, Toronto
Paper #: Wesselow #3

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Keywords: Blo(o)mfield; James Blomfield
Bloomfield #7

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Annotation: Peter Haworth is mentioned in the section on contemporary painting as "one of our most solid water-colourists." (p.89)
Paper #:
Haworth #28

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Annotation: A history of
St. Andrews on the Red Church in Manitoba with mention of 2 memorial stained glass windows.
Red River; St. Andrews on the Red; Manitoba
Paper #: McKay #1

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Annotation: Discussion of the history of the McCausland firm, including anecdotal material regarding Joseph, Robert and Alan and a description of the process of making a stained glass window as practiced in the McCausland studio.
Keywords: McCausland, Joseph; McCausland, Robert; McCausland, Alan; Ramsden, John; Metropolitan United Church,
Paper #: McCausland #10

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Annotation: Detailed discussion of Huot's childhood, his studies in
Paris and his subsequent career.
Keywords: Huot
Paper #: Huot #3

· Magnan, Hormisdas. "Charles Huot, Artiste-Peintre (Deuxieme Partie)," Le Terroir 13.7 (Déc.1931): 25-30, illus.
Annotation: This second part of an article devoted to Huot discusses Huot's commissions including stained glass at the Parliament Buildings, Quebec City.
Keywords: Huot:
Parliament Buildings, Quebec City.
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Annotation: Survey article describing numerous sites, as well as craftsmen and studios responsible for stained glass in
Montreal. Produced to coincide with the increased tourism expected due to Expo '67.
Keywords: Wesselow, Eric; Ascension Church, Montreal; Guido Nicheri Studios, Montreal; Maginnis and Walsh; Williams, Yvonne; Johnson, Esther; Sanborn (Boston); Poggi, Vincent; Westmount Park United Church, Montreal; Kelsey, C. W.; Queen Mary United Church, Montreal; Whitefriars of England; Celtic Studios of Swansea, England; Loire, Gabriel (Chartres); Rambusch; Fabian Association, New York; Plamondon, Marius; Labouret (France); Haworth, Peter; McCausland (Toronto); George Maile and Sons (England); Davies, A.J.; Lee, Lawrence; Ballantine, Scotoland; Meikle Studio (Toronto); Locke (Brooklyn); Rault (France); Ingrand, Max; Mayer; Tillemans, John.
Paper #: Martirano #1

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Keywords: McCausland,Joseph; McCausland, Robert; McCausland,Alan; McCausland,Gordon; McCausland,Andrew; McCausland,Henry; Lawder,James; Lyon,N.T.; Holy Trinity Church, Toronto; Grace Church, Fort Garry (Winnipeg); All Saints Anglican Church, Toronto; St.Paul's Anglican Church, Dawson City; St.Peter's Anglican Church, Hay River, NWT; Wesley Church, Winnipeg; Bank of Montreal, Front & Yonge (now the Hockey Hall of Fame); Trinity College Chapel, Univ.of Toronto; University College, Univ.of Toronto; Old City Hall, Toronto; British Columbia Parliament Buildings, Victoria; Quebec Bank, Toronto; Knox Presbyterian Church, Stratford; St.Michael's Cathedral, Toronto; Canadian Memorial Church, Vancouver; Metropolitan United Church, Toronto; George Fulford Mausoleum, Brockville; St.Mark's Anglican Church, Niagara-on-the-Lake; Roman Catholic Cathedral, St.John's Nfld.
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Annotation: Describes the three-stage glazing campaign, and notes the final subject of the windows in the nave, choir, transepts, above the organ. Windows are both figurative and ornamental.
Keywords: Saint-Jacques,
Montreal, Que.
Paper #: Maurault #1

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Annotation: Mentions names of men memorialized in the Convocation Hall windows,
University College.
Keywords: Convocation Hall, University College, Toronto; Mewburn, John H.; McKenzie, Malcolm; Tempest, Wm. F.; Toronto Stained Glass Works
Paper #: Mewburn #1

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Annotation: Five illustrations: windows and the artist in the studio. A biographical article emphasizing her trip to
France to study antique glass. There are specific references to the unveiling of her windows at La Station Champ-de-Mars. There is also a discussion of her technique and the influence of past work in her stained glass.
Keywords: Ferron; Montréal, Champ-de-Mars
Paper #: Ferron #5

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Annotation: A lengthy review of "Glass Visions" and exhibit at The MacDonald Gallery, Toronto, July 4-31, 1985, organized by Artists in Stained Glass. Includes descriptions of works by Brenda Malkinson, Jaye Ouellette, Mimi Gellman, Gundar Robez, and David Wilde.
Keywords: Brenda Malkinson; Jaye Ouellette; Mimi Gellman; Gundar Robez; David Wilde
Paper #: Morris #1

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Annotation: A detailed discussion of three contemporary stained glass artists, Margot Fischer Page, Andrew Kuntz, Gundar Robez, including bibliography, technique and formal analysis
Keywords: Margot Fischer Page; Andrew Kuntz; Gundar Robez
Paper #: Morris #2

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Annotation: Detailed biographical information covering Patterson's childhood, artistic training and commissions. The stained glass commission at the Mennonite Conrad Grebel Chapel,
Waterloo is discussed in some detail. Stained glass at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Sudbury; St. John's United Church, Cambridge; Brant Avenue United Church, Brantford; and Eden United Church, Mississauga is noted. A description of Patterson's stained glass technique is given.
Keywords: Patterson; Mennonite Conrad Grebel Chapel, Waterloo; St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Sudbury; St. John's United Church, Cambridge; Brant Avenue United Church, Brantford; Eden United Church, Mississauga; Bullas Glass, Kitchener.
Paper #: Patterson #3

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Keywords: Blomfield; James Blomfield;
Victoria; British Columbia.
Paper #:
Bloomfield #8

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Keywords: Luxfer
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Annotation: Excerpt from unpublished typescript, untitled. pp. 15-16. Discusses attribution of one of windows in St.George's Church.
Keywords: St.George's Church,
Montreal; Burne-Jones; Spence, John C.
Paper #: Spence #2

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Annotation: A compilation of the existing historical information regarding window glass manufacturers in
Canada, spanning approximately 150 years (1800-c. 1950). Chapter headings include: Historical Background: 1800-1845; 19th century Manufacturing Techniques; Early 19th century Companies; Historical Development: 1845-1880; Late 19th century Companies; Twentieth Century: Technology; Twentieth Century Companies.
Keywords: Canada Glass Works, Dorchester; Ottawa Glass Works, Ottawa; New Brunswick Crystal Glass Company, Saint John, NB; Napanee Glass Works, Napanee, Ont.; Window Glass machine Company of Canada, Ltd., Cayuga, Ont.; Pilkington Bros. Limited, Thorold; Canadian Libbey-Owens Sheet Glass Company, Hamilton, Ont.; Industrial Sheet Glass and PPG Industries Ltd., Ville St. Laurent, Quebec; Pilkington Glass Industries Ltd., Toronto, Ont.; Machine Blown Cylinder Process; Drawn Sheet Process; Float Glass Process.
Paper #: Pacey #1

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Annotation:  Booklet describes the purpose and location of the stained glass windows, how they are arranged, and provides descriptions of nine windows.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #17

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Annotation: Includes iconographical description of the window provided by the artist as well as tribute to Jocelyn Frances Clarke.
Haworth; Jocelyn Frances Clarke memorial window; Bishop Strachan School chapel, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #29

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Annotation: A partial list of techniques and companies involved in the production and installation of domestic and ecclesiastical stained glass in
Montreal at the turn of the century.
Keywords: Spence, John C.; J. Spence and Sons, Montreal, PQ; Castle and Son, Montreal; Ballantyne and Son, Scotland; Wm. Morris and Co., Merton, England; Sullivan and Sweetman, Liverpool, England; Bromsgrove Guild, London, England; Davis, Archibald J.; LaFarge, John; Tiffany, Louis Comfort; Castle and Son, Montreal; Hobbs Manufacturing Company Ltd.; Montreal, PQ.
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Keywords: Hahn
Paper #: Hahn #1

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Annotation: This article highlights the fact that there are McCausland windows in most Anglican churches in the
Toronto diocese.
Keywords: McCausland
Paper #: McCausland #12

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Annotation: Discusses the relationship between Henry Holiday's two windows on the theme of Theology which were created for
Drew University in Madison (New Jersey) in 1890 and for Manitoba College (now University of Winnipeg) in 1892. The same cartoon was obviously used for both windows.
Holiday; Winnipeg
Paper #: Holiday #3

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Annotation: A series of "portfolios" of Canadian stained glass artists.

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Annotation: In this article Sabbath argues that La Grande Salle at Place des Arts,
Montreal is possibly the most successful blending of art and architecture in North America. He discusses the architecture, sculpture, tapestries and Scherzo, a stained glass mural by Alfred Pellan (c. 1963).
Keywords: [Alfred Pellan;
Montreal; Place des Arts (La Grande Salle); Quebec]
Paper #: Pellan #1

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Annotation: The foreword by Kenneth Saltmarche gives a brief biography of
Haworth emphasizing the fact that Haworth's work in stained glass was often overlooked by the artistic community. Paul Duval's catalogue essay, "An Appreciation," gives a more detailed biography of Haworth's education, his move to Canada and subsequent career. Duval mentions the commissions at the Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph and Bishop Strachan and discusses the window cycles at Melrose United Church, Hamilton and Holy Blossom Temple in more detail. Includes illustrated catalogue of exhibition (pp.33-44), artist's chronology (pp.45-47) and chronology of stained glass commissions (pp. 22-24, 29-33, 36-47).
Haworth; Pringle and London; Bishop Strachan School, Toronto; Ontario Agricultural College; Melrose United Church, Hamilton; Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto.
Paper #:
Haworth #30

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Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
Paper #: Ferron #6

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Annotation: Catalogue of an exhibition with very brief discussion of three stained glass windows, all illustrated. One window from Martin House in
Buffalo was made by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1904, one was by Purcell and Elmslie and one is from Tacoma, Washington.
Keywords: Frank Lloyd Wright; Purcell and Elmslie
Paper #: Segger #1

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Annotation: Stained glass windows from the Morris Workshop located at
Crescent Street Church, Montreal, All Saints Church, Winnipeg, and the Vancouver Art Gallery are discussed, as are two panels in the possession of Dr. W.E. Fredeman of the University of British Columbia. Illustrations of windows at St. Andrew and St. Paul, Montreal and Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal are also included.
Keywords: Crescent Street Church, Montreal; All Saints Church, Winnipeg; Vancouver Art Gallery, B.C.; St. Andrew and St. Paul Church, Montreal; Christ Church Cathedral, Montreal

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Annotation: Lists the locations and gives detailed information, primarily regarding subject matter for identified windows in
Keywords: Morris & Co.

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Annotation: A rather impressionistic formal analysis of the Basilica of Christ the King in
Hamilton, and early Gothic structure. With discussion of the "Tyrannical" rose window and the extensive stained glass programme of the church. (No mention of artist).
Keywords: Hamilton; Christ the King Basilica
Paper #: Shaw #1

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Annotation: A brief discussion of the life and work of John Allward with particular reference to his 15 windows installed to commemorate the
Hudson's Bay Company's 300th anniversary at its Southgate store in Edmonton.
Keywords: Allward; Allward and McCormick Glass
Co.; Edmonton; Manitoba Society of Artists; Manitoba
Paper #: Allward #1

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Annotation: A subjective, formal description of Eric Wesselow's stained glass windows at
Temple Sinai, Toronto.
Keywords: Wesselow;
Temple Sinai, Toronto
Paper #: Wesselow #4

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Annotation: After a brief introduction, this book presents a series of brief portfolios of
Quebec stained glass artists including representative examples of their work.
Keywords: Marius Plamondon; Guy Bruneau; Lyse Charland-Favretti; Gilles Désauliniers; Laurens Kroon; Lisette Lemieux; Guy Loyer; Theo Lubbers; Pierre Osterrath; Daniel Potvin; Guy Simard; Ernestine Tahedl; Eric Wesselow

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Annotation: A brief biography of Yvonne Williams preceding a discussion of the following commissions: Necropolis Chapel, Toronto; Holy Rosary Church, Toronto; Church of the Ascension of Our Lord, Montreal; Wellington Square United Church, Burlington; Deer Park United Church, Toronto. The article concludes with Williams' thoughts on stained glass in the 1980's.
Keywords: Williams; Necropolis Chapel, Toronto; Holy Rosary Church, Toronto; Church of the Ascension of Our Lord, Montreal; Wellington Square United Church, Burlington; Deer Park United Church, Toronto.
Paper #: Williams #7

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Annotation: Discusses the dangers and health risks surrounding abrasive blasting. Suggests particularly effective dust masks for the practitioner.
Keywords: abrasive blasting; sand blasting
Paper #: Smylie #1

· Smylie, Tom. "Technical Talk." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (February 1990): 3.
Annotation: Discusses the dangers involved in using compressed air, and suggests some safety precautions for the artist.
Keywords: compressed air safety
Paper #: Smylie #2

· Smylie, Tom. "Technical Talk." Artist in Stained Glass Bulletin (April 1990): n.p.
Annotation: Explains the five basic steps to the chipping process, and explains its traditionality as well as aesthetic features.
Keywords: glue chipping
Paper #: Smylie #3

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Keywords: Wesselow
Paper #: Wesselow #5

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Annotation: Stained glass artist Sommer describes his unique technique of making stained glass on his light-table. Unlike traditional methods, he cuts, paints and assembles the glass on the light-table.
Lawrence Sommer; Techniques; British Columbia
Paper #: Sommer #1

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Annotation: Discussion of the various phases of Astri Reusch's work that have resulted from her many and varied technical investigations.
Keywords: Reusch
Paper #: Reusch #1

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Annotation: In the chapter entitled "Canadian Stained and Cut Glass" there is a segment about Robert McCausland Limited which discusses the difference between glass staining and glass manufacturing and which mentions a number of McCausland commissions in order to emphasize the wide distribution of their work.
Keywords: McCausland.
Paper #: McCausland #13

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Annotation: Description and interpretation of project for ecclesiastical stained glass.
Keywords: Barnett, Marlene; Beaches Presbyterian Church,
Toronto, Ont.
Paper #: Strickland #1

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Annotation: Colour pamphlet includes chronology and biography to 1967.
Keywords: Tahedl
Paper #: Tahedl #2

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Annotation: An obituary which gives biographical information including details of childhood and artistic training, and makes note of
Haworth's proficiency as a stained glass artist. His windows at Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto; Timothy Eatons Memorial Church, Toronto; University of Toronto Library; Grace Church-on-the-Hill, Toronto; McMaster University, Hamilton and Guelph Agricultural College are listed.
Keywords: Haworth; Holy Blossom Temple, Toronto; Timothy Eatons Memorial Church, Toronto; University of Toronto Library; Grace Church-on-the-Hill, Toronto; McMaster University, Hamilton; Guelph Agricultural College.
Paper #:
Haworth #31

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Keywords: Nincheri; Montreal
Paper #: Nincheri #5

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Annotation: Exhibition Calatogue
Bloomfield; Vancouver; Victoria; British Columbia.
Paper #:
Bloomfield #3

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Annotation: A detailed discussion of heraldic Glass in
Vancouver 1890-1940. Using specific examples Watt explores the tradition of this type of glass as well as its American and British sources. He also discusses the state of the stained glass industry in Vancouver during these years. Included are illustrated analyses of: a window from the Logan-Hodson House, 1894, possibly by James and Charles Bloomfield (including a discussion of the firm Bloomfield and sons in Vancouver from 1898-1903); Bloomfield design of a Queen Victoria memorial window in St. Paul's Anglican Church; N. T. Lyon's 1903 windows for the Carnegie Public library; The windows at the UBC library done by Wm. O'Neill Ltd (1923-25) and a second set by Bromsgrove Guild of Worcester in 1927; and also of the Robert McCausland windows in the Canadian memorial Church (1928).
Keywords: Vancouver; Heraldic Stained Glass; James and Charles Bloomfield; N.T. Lyon; William O'Neill (Ltd.); Charles Mason; Bromsgrove Guild; Robert McCausland (Co.); Bogardus-Wickens Co.; Pilkingtons; Holt's Glass
Paper #: Watt #1

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Annotation: Excerpt from general historiographic and architectural analysis. Subject is the glass in the
B.C. Parliament Buildings, its dating, authorship, symbolism, and interpretation.
Keywords: Joseph McCausland Ltd., Toronto; Henry Bloomfield and Sons, New Westminister, B.C.; Blomfield, James; Powell Brothers Ltd., Leeds; E.W. Morris Co., London, Great Britain.
Paper #: Watt #2

· Weisman, Gustav and Rev. Canon David W. Luxton. The Children of the Bible Window: A Guide to the Stories of Children in Stained Glass. (Toronto: St.George's on-the-Hill,1989): 11 pages, illus.
Annotation: Includes artist's statement which discusses formal and technical aspects of production of the windows and an illustrated essay by the Rector of the Church which gives an iconographical outline.
Keywords: Weisman;
St. George's on-the-Hill, Toronto; The Children of the Bible Window
Paper #: Weisman #2

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Annotation: Four reproductions of Ferron's paintings. Formal analysis of Ferron's painting arguing that Ferron's art is constant in an age of changing styles. Her style is a non-representational one, with color being the essential element. Includes a comparison of her work in gouache and oil.
Keywords: Ferron; Montréal
Paper #: Ferron #7

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Annotation: Wesselow's address discusses the suitability of both art and religion to achieving a true global awareness.
Keywords: Wesselow
Paper #: Wesselow #6

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Keywords: Wesselow
Paper #: Wesselow #7

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Annotation: Williams discusses the modern revival of stained glass, noting the need for superior design and workmanship in this particular art because of the permanence of stained glass windows.
Keyword: Williams
Paper #: Williams #8

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Annotation: William's argument for stained glass as an art worthy of a place next to painting and sculpture, focusing on its unique properties of transmitted light and architectural function.
Keyword: Williams
Paper #: Williams #9

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Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #34

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Annotation: Booklet containing articles by the artists on the 75th anniversary of the church. Each of the windows are described in detail. Includes a floorplan of the church showing the location of windows.
Keywords: Williams, Yvonne; Simon, Ellen; St. Michael and All Angels Church, Toronto.
Paper #: Williams #14

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Annotation: General article on care, cleaning, technique, repair and conservation of stained glass. Includes photographs of craftsmen at work, and the interior window of Notre dame Basilica,
Ottawa. Cites Ottawa craftsman, and American expert Jane Hayward. Provides recommended background reading.
Keywords: Northern Art Glass, Ottawa; Bond, Richard; Notre Dame Basilisa, Ottawa; St. Brigid's Church, Ottawa; repair and conservation; care and cleaning
Paper #: Wilson #1

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Annotation: Basically a translation and adaptation of the article on repair and conservation appearing in Canadian Heritage (1987).
Keywords: Northern Art Glass, Ottawa; Bond, Richard; Notre Dame Basilisa, Ottawa; St. Brigid's Church, Ottawa; repair and conservation; care and cleaning
Paper #: Wilson #2

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Annotation: Formal analysis of Church of Our Lady of Perpetual help, a Romanesque style church. Mention of a rose window and five stained glass windows in the Sanctuary which were made in
Toronto, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church; Mayer
Paper #: Wyttenbach #1

· Young, George. Manitoba Memories. (Toronto: William Biggs, 1897): 203-205
Annotation: Discusses the building of the first Grace Church in
Winnipeg in 1871, with stained glass windows by McCauslands.
Keywords: McCausland; Grace Church,
Paper #: McCausland #14

· Young, Mildred. “The Windows That Open On the Soul”, Family Herald (21 May 1959): 14-15, 42, illus.
Annotation:  Article describes in some detail the working methods of Yvonne Williams and her co-designers.
Keywords: Williams
Paper #: Williams #23