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Section: Data Files


There is a hard file for each location, which includes the following:

1) Location:

the city, building, address.

2) Sketch-plans:

sketched plans of the interior space showing the placement of each window within the building.

3) Window descriptions:

a drawing of the mullion structure or opening shape of each different type of window in the building and a key to the panels. Each window is then described with reference to its subject, inscriptions, signatures, condition and any noteworthy features.

4) Slides:

each window is photographed in the form of a coloured slide of the entire composition. It would be too expensive to detail each window and to also produce black-and-white photographs. This would only be done if the window were in imminent danger of being destroyed or "lost". The slides are basically for identification, and it is incumbent upon the individual scholar to arrange for any details or further photography which might be deemed necessary for research or publication.