The objective of this course is to learn the Hindi writing system (Nagari script) and to develop basic conversation skills of Hindi-Urdu (generally, the Nastaliq script will be learned in Hindi 2000). You will be introduced to the formal grammar and everyday vocabulary of Hindi-Urdu and will exercise grammatical concepts with drills, creative assignments and in the multimedia language center. We will spend equal time for reading, writing, listening and speaking comprehension. The texts and audio-visual materials used in this course provide cultural information about South Asia and the diaspora.


Please note: This course is designed for students without significant background in Hindi and/or Urdu.



Requirements and Grading

In language teaching, regular attendance and participation in a relaxed and non-competitive environment is most important for students’ success. In addition, regular review and exercise (approximately 4 hours per week outside of class) is essential throughout the academic term. There is one written home assignment per week and one quiz every two weeks. The midterm and the final consist of a written grammar, vocabulary, creative and translation section; the final also includes an oral group presentation. In the forth week of classes, students will be grouped into learning circles that meet regular in and outside of class.

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The final grade will be calculated as follows  
On-time attendance and participatory attitude: 30%
Home assignments:  20%
Quizzes and dictations:  20%
Midterm:  15%
Final test: 15%


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