Krystal Ghisyawan: My impression of the course: Like Ravi said, it's fast pace, and you're either committed to do the work and put in the effort or you're not. Even with a full course load you have to manage time wisely, and it was definitely worth it. I am still a slow speaker, but I can read and write and understand when someone talks.

It's very pleasing to pick up one of our Hindi books (we only have religious ones) and be able to read it.

Morgan Peters: The Hindi 1000 course has probably been the course I have valued more than any other in my three years so far at York. Not only has it helped me progress simply as a human being learning to appreciate and value South Asian culture and language, but it has helped me in my job and in my studies. Being the language many millions speak, especially in the GTA, I have been able to speak with people in my workplace, assist newly immigrated students in my placement classroom, or find a connection with students who I may otherwise not have connected with. I walked into our classroom on the first day knowing nothing about Hindi and left on the last day as someone who can read, write, and hold conversations in Hindi, creating my own original sentences. I even order my sweets in Hindi for fun at the India Bazaar! The course has not always been easy for me. Often times I have felt overwhelmed, disheartened, and frustrated, wishing I could just speak the language rather than struggle. However, I persevered, as all the students in the class did.

Professor Shobna was always there to help me, providing me with assistance, encouragement, motivation, explanation, and pointing me in the direction of new places to look and new things to study.; All the students in the class were wonderful and encouraging. They were always willing to help me, encouraging me, saying kind words to me, motivating me to excel and try harder. They never mocked me, laughed at me, or excluded me, something I feared greatly on the first day. To summarize, this course takes a lot of work, dedication, and motivation that comes straight from the heart. But if you truly put yourself into this course, you will succeed in many more ways than you ever thought possible. I have truly enjoyed my time learning Hindi."