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36th Annual Conference - York University - Toronto ON - May 16-18, 2007

Session Materials

Presentation materials submitted by speakers and workshop presenters will be posted here as they become available.

If you were a speaker or workshop presenter at WILU 2007 and would like to submit materials, please e-mail them to wilu2007@yorku.ca.


Changing Learning, Changing Roles: Collaboration at Every Angle [Slides]

Patricia Iannuzzi


Keeping Up! Web Feeds for Information Literate Librarians [Workbook]

Genevieve Gore, Lorie Kloda

Concurrent Sessions

Connecting the Dots: An Inquiry-Based Approach to Information Literacy [Slides]

Shauna Rutherford, K Alix. Hayden

Searchers Bring Your Credit Card: An Exciting New Development in Information Literacy or The Beginning of the End? [Slides]

James Buczynski, Saira Mall

The Faculty Angle: What Our Faculty Think About the ACRL Information Literacy Standards [Slides]

Shelley Gullikson

Google and Beyond: What Sources are Students Really Using? [Slides]

Don MacMillan

North by Northwest [Handout | Notes]

Janice Mutz, Laurie Prange

Interactivity in Library Presentations [Slides]

Evelyne Corcos, Vivienne Monty

The Use of Personal Response Systems in Promoting Information Literacy and Library Instruction [Slides]

Jean Adams, Maura Matesic

Graduate Student Library Research Skills Workshop Series: A Needs Assessment [Handout | Slides | Web]

Fred Antwi-Nsiah, Vivian Feng, Kristin Hoffmann, Meagan Stanley

Giving Graduate Students What They Want to Know Not What We Want Them to Know [Slides]

Dominic Hakim Silvio

Information Literacy by Design: Librarians and e-Learning [Slides]

Cory Laverty

Understanding International Students' Information Research Behavior [Slides | Handout]

Patrick Labelle

Student-Driven TURNITIN as a Teaching-Learning Tool [Slides]

Charles Anyinam, Sue Coffey, Mary Ellen Nicholson, Eva Peisachovich, Deb Wood

Information Literacy Competencies Integrated Within a Nursing curricula [Slides]

Karen Halliday, Nina Koniuch

Practice Makes Perfect: Applying and Adapting Best Practices in Information Literacy [Slides]

Esther Atkinson, Sheril Hook, Andrew Nicholson

A Journal Whose Time Has Come: Communications in Information Literacy (CIL) [Slides | Handout]

Stewart Brower, Christopher Hollister

Librarians' Understanding of First Generation Students Concerns and Needs [Slides | Handout | Bibliography]

Karina Douglas

Create, Then Integrate: Teaching Undergraduate Research Skills Using WebCT [Slides]

Sarah Fedko, Heather Matheson

Courseware and Collaboration: Teaming Up with Instructional Technology Liaisons [Slides]

Anne Fullerton, Katherine Lithgow, Jackie Stapleton

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Avatar: Library Instruction in a 3D Virtual World [Slides | Checklist]

Denyse Rodrigues

Teaching IL Skills During Nursing Student Clinical Experiences [Slides]

Rian Misfeldt

Crossing the Boundaries: A Case Study [Slides]

Ganga Dakshinamurti, Lena Horne

RefWorks: Challenges and Opportunities Teaching Users to "Cite It Right" [Slides]

Cecile Farnum, Dana Thomas

Launching "InfoLit 2.0"? Considering Web 2.0's Potential to Support Critical Thinking and Higher-Level Learning in Information Literacy Practice [Slides]

Cameron Hoffman,