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Consider Teaching Tasks and Workload

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As you determine what is needed for your course, keep in mind how your team can support you. You may first decide what portion of your course is asynchronous and what portion is synchronous, and how TAs can support one or both of those parts of your course.

1. Know their Workload

In order to determine what teaching related tasks your TAs can perform, you will need to know how many hours are assigned to each of your TAs and determine how these hours can best be used to support your course.

Best practices

  • Ask your TAs how they prefer to support your course, learning about their strengths, and using those strengths to best support you, your course, and your students.

2. Consider reasonable tasks for TAs

Teaching remotely allows flexibility and different options for your course, which can mean different tasks for your TAs.  Keep in mind your TAs’ workload, strengths, and abilities when assigning their tasks.


Best practices

  • Consider using Groups in your eClass course to embed activities that normally would be included in a separate tutorial, lab, or studio.  Then, your TAs can assist in facilitating these activities and providing feedback for learning.
  • Your TAs can assist with responding to questions in the Q&A forum, and/or offer office hours.
  • Be sure to provide your TAs with the necessary training and resources needed to facilitate a tutorial, lab, or studio session.
  • Provide an explicit rationale about how their work complements your course.

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