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Record a lecture video

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Students may not be able to attend, access or actively attend to live, synchronous lectures. Recording a lecture video will give your students the option to review your content at their own pace, while helping to mitigate challenges related to access to technology and other conflicting priorities. Here are some things you can try:

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1. Consider different options for recording lectures

Technology can provide opportunities to present your course content in a variety of ways. A written transcript can also be provided to support students who may have difficulty processing verbal information.


Best practices

  • Provide a clear and consistent way of sharing recorded lecture materials with your students, and communicate about updates and new files regularly.
  • Select your technologies based on what will allow your students to achieve course learning outcomes.
  • Ensure that audio content is available in written form (closed captioning or script)

2. Chunk pre-recorded content

There are many benefits to breaking pre-recorded content into smaller, more easily digestible “chunks”, including:

  • Smaller files are easier to upload and share, and are more likely to stream smoothly when viewing.
  • Shorter recorded lectures are easier for students to integrate into busy lives.
  • Attention spans when viewing material online are short! Keep students focused by presenting one key concept at a time.


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Best practices

  • Limit, where possible, the length of pre-recorded lectures to 15 minutes or less.
  • Make connections between the different pre-recorded lectures you create, and between video lectures and other course content such as readings, media clips, etc.
  • Scaffolding content by drawing explicit connections will help your students to learn complex material more effectively.
  • Ensure that audio content is available in written form (closed captioning or script)

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