The GLSA ("Graduate Law Students Association") is a student-led organization at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. The GLSA represents graduate students in the Research Stream, which includes LLM ("Master of Laws") and PhD students. Elected members are involved in many committees across the university that affect us and our future colleagues. We also put on events that foster intellectual community.

We hold elections for the positions of GLSA Chair and Conference Chair in April. Elections for all other executives (e.g., Treasurer, Secretary) and committee positions are held in September. Our current committee is as follows:

Executive members

  • GLSA Chair: Divyangana Dhankar
  • Secretary: Gwyneth Pheasant Lust
  • Treasurer: Amir Hossein Nahidi
  • Social Directors' Team: Zoe Savitsky and Didar Shwan
  • Osgoode Graduate Student Conference Chair: Divyangana Dhankar

Committee members

  • Osgoode Faculty Council Representative: Huyen Tran
  • Osgoode Tenure and Promotions Committee Representative: Jay De Santi 
  • Osgoode Graduate Studies Committee Representatives: Maria Corina Muskus; Shadi Nasseri; Huyen Tran
  • Osgoode JD Admissions Committee Representative: Luna Xiaolu Li
  • Osgoode Equality Committee Representative: Jay De Santi
  • Osgoode Library Committee Representative: Gwyneth Pheasant Lust
  • Osgoode Digital Innovation Committee Representative:  Simon Wallace
  • Osgoode Research and Seminars Committee Representative: Julia Brown
  • Osgoode Standing Committee on Teaching and Learning Representative: Olaoluwa Oni 
  • York University Council of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Representative: Lubaba Samin
  • York University Graduate Students Association Representatives: Maria Corina Muskus and Didar Shwan
  • Osgoode Faculty Recruitment Committee Representative: Malcolm Katrak 
  • York University CUPE Representative: Clare Shrybman