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Client Applications

Selection Criteria

Although the OVC may provide services to a variety of clients at different stages of growth, we look for commitment and a demonstrated need for the clinic’s services. Priority shall be given to clients that meet the following criteria:

An established idea and/or business model

Existing revenues or a business plan with existing pathways to generate revenues

Full-time founders (and/or employees)

Imminent growth funding needs

Application Overview

Personal Information


Contact information

Work/occupation history

Business Information

Details of business operations and arrangements

Jurisdiction of operations

Number of shareholders

Director/officer information

Financial Information

Sources of financing

Monthly business revenues

Business expenses/overhead

Total assets and liabilities


Business goals

Specific goals to be achieved by May/April 2023

Key associates

Description of legal needs (be specific)

Key Dates


Application Deadline


Clients Selected

Early September

OVC Work Begins

Apply by first Friday in August at 11:59pm

A $40 general processing fee will apply to those accepted into the OVC.