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C++ and C


Discussions and C++ & C

Programming Teaching Methodologies

Books & Online Book Equivalents

  • C++17 in detail (ebook) by Bartlomiej Filipek
  • C++17 the Complete Book (ebook) by Nicolai M. Josuttis.
  • Embedded C Coding Standard (free PDF ebook) by Barr Group.
  • The C++ Standard Library (ebook) by Rainer Grimm (up to C++17)
  • Mastering the C++17 STL by Arthur O'Dwyle
  • Practical C++ by Adam Singer
  • Effective Modern CPP by Scott Adams (up to C++14)
  • Modern C by Jens Gustedt (free PDF ebook)(up to C11, maybe C18)
  • The C Book by Banahan, Brady & Dory (free HTML version)(1991; C89/C90)
  • Essential C at Stanford (free webpage; date & standard tbd)
  • C Tutorial on Microchip's Wiki

Processor-Specific Books on C, C++ and Assembler






General C++ Resources

Embedded C++ resources
Compilers, Debugger and IDEs

Code Analysis Tools

Libraries and Support file for C++