Empowering business leaders to drive change in a tech-driven world

What does it take to create positive change in the world of business? The answer to this question constantly evolves as new ideas, innovations and technologies such as AI, biotechnology, cryptocurrency and clean energy technologies are met with shifting market dynamics, consumer needs and rising social, economic and political challenges.

With the launch of our MBA in Technology Leadership (or Tech MBA) program, the first of its kind in Canada, the Schulich School of Business at York University is helping our students and tomorrow’s business leaders adapt to this dynamic landscape. Through cutting-edge course content and one-of-a-kind learning experiences, these students are prepared to succeed, stay ahead of the curve, and apply their business acumen and diverse, lived experiences to create positive change as leaders in the competitive tech job market.

In our pioneering “Digital Economics” course, students are challenged to think outside the box as they critically examine and analyze the evolution of our digital world and its impact on both society at large and on our most vulnerable communities – not only today but in the years and even decades to come. From microeconomics and the challenges posed by price discrimination and monopolies, to macroeconomics and the impacts of digital money and NFTs, students will learn how these digital factors affect our world and the links between society, business and government.

Our programs also take traditional principles and apply them to the digital world. In “Unlocking Value Through Technology,” the fundamentals of marketing are combined with the latest tech tools and programs to help students understand what’s needed to raise money and attract new customers in today’s marketplace. Beyond just learning how, students are encouraged to do themselves, using LinkedIn and HubSpot as part of their coursework so they can hit the ground running from day one, with the fundamental skills needed to constantly adapt to new technologies as they emerge.

Building on this foundation of theoretical and practical learning, Schulich also creates opportunities for students of all backgrounds to fully immerse themselves in this new tech-driven business landscape and take control of everything needed to one day make an impact as thriving tech entrepreneurs.

Alongside OneEleven (an Accelerator that is home to a community of nation-leading technology startups), Schulich has created the 'Schulich Venture Studio’. The Venture Studio will match students with member companies from both OneEleven and the Schulich Startups communities, completing pro bono strategic fundraising and product analysis. The Studio will be led by a combination Schulich Adjunct Professors and Instructors (from the Venture Capital & Tech Product Ecosystem) and introduce students to a network of special mentors and guest lecturers who can help jumpstart their future success. All while working from OneEleven's offices in downtown Toronto and accessing special events and networking opportunities.

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