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Students' views on eLearning and blended learning

In the blended course you can actually go to tutorial, right, where you still have that lecture. And you can see your classmates. Right? And I can have discussions with them, I can share my opinions with them, and like I see my tutor.
>> One of the things I like most about it, was having the video that I could see a few times.

Because I'm not, I really don't like reading all that much, so I much preferred to listen and I, it just works better for me. So once I was able to just listen to, if I did miss something, knowing that I could just listen to it again, was a great luxury.

Something that now, and that after finishing the course and not having that anymore, is something I really miss in my other courses.
>> And what was special about the second part of the course, the online part, was that I had the opportunity to actually see what all of my peers are working on.

So this was great for, you know, being inspired to, you know, work on new ideas and learn from your peers. And the level of creativity and work that everyone else is putting in, in the, in the classroom, really reinforces you to work harder and essentially learn better.
>> It actually helped me to interact with other people and my classmates became my friends not just names popping up on my Moodle webpage.

>> Sometimes you're sitting in class, you have this like fleeting feeling being like every second I might doze off or something like that. I may never get that back. The professors might say the most important thing in this course. While I'm like, thinking about something else, and it's inevitable.

In a three hour class you're going to be thinking about other things. There's no, I, I mean, I don't think anyone has attention span that long.
>> Even though it was a, you know, three credit course, I learned as much as a six credit course in just one term.

>> And I enjoyed learning, like, which is really hard to do, right. I mean I, I really enjoyed it. It, it was, it felt more like YouTube and less like class