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Transcript for EE Student Experiences-Fernanda Sierra

I come from an artistic family so I always knew that I was going to be involved in the arts somehow. I just didn't know exactly where I would fit in. So when I stopped worrying and just looked for classes that would enrich my personal growth I landed at York. It's such a broad program understanding how human creativity works and how the human mind can express itself through creativity. I worked with the Canadian Tapestry and Texture Centre. We got to develop a cultural strategy and see how best we could come up with a program that would bring different opportunities, workshops, events to the community. That was amazing and that was an opportunity that if it wasn't for the experiential education there's no way that I would have had the opportunity to do it right at the beginning of my university career. My name is Fernanda Sierra. I'm a Culture and Expression major and an Environmental Studies minor at York University.