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Transcript for EE Student Experiences- Kuldeep Singh Hujan

So this kind of story kind of goes back to my childhood. I took apart my toy car. I took out the motors but that was my first real connection to engineering. I liked mechanical things and breaking them down so when I saw that Lassonde had a new engineering program opening I applied right away. I was looking for something that's more hands-on. I participated in the co-op program. My main objective of this position was to test out systems like flying them over Oshawa or Peterborough. Machines that scan the ground and have a 3D map of the ground that's used for civil engineering purposes. I got to learn about how engineering really worked because the entire company was comprised of engineers and people with multiple PhDs and seeing how they worked and solved problems as a real engineer. Getting to a stage where I have done things completely from scratch to something of a finished product. It has given me a new drive to purse that kind of ambition. My name is Kuldeep Singh Hujan and I'm studying mechanical engineering at Lassonde School of Engineering at York University.