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Transcript for EE Student Experiences- Sherri Tran

When my parents were growing up in Vietnam, business actually saved their lives. To survive the post-war era they had to rely on their entrepreneurial skills. So those stories really impacted me and affected my choice to go into business school. Growing up I didn't have a network. It was a really tough time when I first entered university because everyone had that head start but I had to start from, I guess, the bottom. During my internship at Fulbright Canada, my role was a Programs Assistant. I led the logistics and planning of fall orientation. My internship has made me really excited for the future. I essentially learned how to take initiative and this really helped me gain back my confidence. Now that I know for sure I want to go into marketing and operations management, it's just made me a lot more excited and happy for the future. The thing that excites me the most is having the job that really brings me happiness. My name is Sherri Tran and I'm a third-year student studying business administration at the Schulich School of Business at York University.