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Transcript for EE Student Experiences-Ushieja De Zoysa

I remember in grade two I picked up a book on Galileo and I read about all these cool things that he discovered and his telescopes and how he looked out to the heavens and discovered all these incredible things and I think right then I knew that was what I wanted to do as well when I grew up. The reason that I picked York was because of the observatory that we have. I don't think I ever thought that I would be able to use a telescope and do all these incredible things that I get to do right now. When we get our one metre telescope at York it's going to make York University the campus with the largest telescope on a university campus. I would love to be an astronaut some day. Being at York there are so many like-minded people who have dreams of working at NASA, working for the Canadian Space Agency and everyone is so supportive. My name is Ushieja De Zoysa. I'm in my final year of a double major in Pure Math and Astrophysics at York University. I'm a student ambassador for the Pure Math and Astrophysics program and I'm also the president of the astronomy club at York University.