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Transcript for Grads share York U experience

Speaker 1: Professor Ingo Holzinger, he was an inspiration in the first term with Skills for Leadership to think out of the box and he inspired me a lot. Some of the things I learned in his class really stuck with me and it really changed the way I think.

Speaker 2: My program really helped me learn the foundation of business and how it's run. A lot of my professors, especially for my Stats and my Accounting were really good professors.

Speaker 3: In general, there was just a lot of professors at Schulich that really inspired me to go above and beyond. I think the great thing that Schulich professors do is that they give you a lot of project opportunities to work in teams and sometimes work with clients in the industry. So, that's definitely a great opportunity that professors at my school really gave me.

Speaker 4: I think it really did set me up for the real world. I learned a lot from York.