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Transcript for international exchanges

Besides the educational experience, besides the internationalization, the cultural experience that there is gain from an exchange, is something that students will forever hold with them in a positive way, throughout the rest of their lives.
>> I'm applying for Masters Programs,. And I think what I did in El Salvador, the work I did there kind of has pushed me in a different direction than I would have gone otherwise.

>> Educationally it enriches your degree, to such an incredible level, especially in terms of graduate school, or things like professionalization, where you become so much more competitive. It gves me a broader perspective and broader approach [MUSIC To my academic interests. I can see things from a Swedish perspective, French perspective, German perspective.

>> It's definitely opened up the travel bug for me. I had traveled inside of North America. I had never gone across the ocean.
>> I never had the experience of living on my own. Or being even in residence. So that was a really cool experience to have that.

And meet so many people and make so many great friends. People that live in other countries, and I'm still in touch with them on a day-to-day basis.
>> It's brought a new perspective that anything is possible.
>> I Went to an information session just, why not? I left almost in tears, because I was like, I need to go on this trip.

>> I discover through the York website, York International.
>> And within a few months I was able to get my application in, and it took about two months of approval. And then I was on my way.
>> Everyone gets a $3,000 grant at the beginning, and then you can apply for extra money.

So, whatever I got from them covered pretty much my whole stay. If I were to see other students who were considering this, but not really sure if they should or not, I would absolutely tell then to do it. Find a way, make it happen because it's, it will change your life for the better.

>> You know, whether it's something that fits in with your program, even if it's just an internship that you can get the change to do.
>> To have work experience from abroad. Is such a good thing. It's hard to get work experience even here.
>> I highly recommend it to learn the local language.

Language is the key. And you will open up different possibilities. It's a self accomplishment. You'll grow as a person after something like this. I did. Go. Go. Go. Go. Do it.