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Transcript for Introduction to York University

Male narrator: Want to know why I chose York? My program. I wanted to consider a combination of subjects at once: politics, economics, the environment.

Male and female narrators: Maybe you're like me.

Female narrator: Or maybe you're interested in engineering. Or studying on a bilingual campus. Or earning an educational degree. Or...becoming a doctor.

Female and male narrators: But you should expect the unexpected at York.

Male narrator: Because here, you're empowered to think beyond the ordinary, and to think beyond your degree.

Male narrators together: I'm proud of my degree. But I didn't expect to go on an exchange to a Costa Rican rainforest, and make lifelong friends in the process.

Female narrator: I didn't expect to land a paid internship at IBM in my fourth year and get this kind of real-world experience while I was still in school.

Male narrator: I didn't expect have my view of the world change and in the process, find my life's passion. But I did, at York.