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Transcript for York U students inspired by Professors

Speaker 1: Doctor Organ, he taught me pharmaceutical discovery and he actually has a pharmaceutical company himself, which is really inspiring, yeah.

Speaker 2: The professors are excellent. There's something for like everyone.

Speaker 3: I must say, the support and encouragement I got from the faculty has been phenomenal. Every step of the way there's been somebody encouraging me, giving me advice, ensuring that I am successful in what I do with my teaching and helping me to shape my own craft.

Speaker 4: In my first year in Calculus, I had Richard Ganong. I think he prepared me for being a mathematician more than anybody else. He just made me think about things in a certain way and he was really into it.

Speaker 5: The quality of the physics professors here is just on a completely different level.

Speaker 6: There's one professor, his name is Chris Cavanagh. He teaches in such a different way. And the really great thing that he was able to do even in the middle of that first year was teach me that I can learn in different ways.

Speaker 7: I had a really good send out with one of my physics profs, Professor Koniuk. Like when we come into that class, we felt like we were going to learn something, we're not just going to absorb it and then lose it somewhere.

Speaker 8: I work Mark David, we're colliding neutrinos. He told me like, "hey, do you want to work on supernovas and neutrinos?"

I was like, "yeah, why not?"