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Our International Network of Teacher Education Institutions (INTEI)

INTEI Network at the 2019 Okayama Conference on Teacher Education and ESD

The International Network of Teacher Education Institutions (INTEI) promotes scaling up ESD in teacher education policies, programmes, and practices, i.e., whole-institution approaches. Since inception in 2000, the INTEI has been a unique source of recommendations for policy makers, educators and practitioners seeking to embed ESD within teacher education.

INTEI members regularly share their experiences on building ESD capacity within our member institutions. Collectively we successfully design, implement, and evaluate ESD approaches, especially related to preservice and in-service teacher education programmes. We widely disseminate ESD knowledge, expertise and research results within the UNESCO Chair networks and beyond.

We hold international meetings, often supplemented by national and region gatherings to inform the INTEI community of innovative approaches, new research-based knowledge, and emerging international ESD related issues and policy development.

Joint research activities of members with other networks also create valuable findings to support ESD, and sustainability as an overall purpose of education.

Partners institutions are academically recognized and well connected in their respective communities, thereby providing the opportunity of merging theory with practice, and learning from its outcomes.

If you are interested in joining our INTEI network, please contact us!