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Sustainable on the Go

Sustainable on the Go - a conference series on responsible internationalization in higher education during times of climate urgency

As part of the Chair’s work in exploring a whole-institution approach at York university the Chair has partnered with York International to look into how sustainability’s issues of inclusivity, climate change and equity can be addressed in university international programing. To do this York University is supporting the Sustainable on the Go initiative (SOTG).

In January 2021, together with York International and our organizing partners partners – the International Association of Universities, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and Okayama University, we brought together more than 500 experts from 58 countries during the heigthth of the global pandemic.

The conference attendees adopted the Toronto Declaration and proceedings are compiled in an open access SOTG 2021 publication. ​

In November 2022, a second event prioritizes young voices and equity deserving groups that are often left out from the conversation on academic mobility. More than 500 experts representing 60 countries returned to the conversation. A custom-designed youth engagement program, carried out over six months in advance of the conference enabled 49 higher education students from 18 countries to take leading roles during the conference.

The Toronto Declaration was reiterated and is still open for those who wish to sign.