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Making Change (Colina Phillips - 1994)

Making Change is a short film without dialogue set to an original music score. It tells the story of a coal miner in the 1930's, who is an aspiring musician. He struggles with the need to provide for his family and also maintain his creativity and desire to compose his music. The conflict between his music and his job begins to take a toll on him, and he is pushed to making changes.

Producer and Director, Colina Phillips, was born in Nova Scotia on Cape Breton Island. She grew up and attended school in Toronto. Phillips, a talented singer, who as a member of the group "Sway" was awarded a gold record for "Hands-Up" (on Virgin Records). Additionally, she has experience in all areas of the music industry, from songwriting, vocal arranging and producing, to directing music videos. Colina is a member of the Black Film and Video Network, has served on its Board of Directors and has organized the Network's annual reception to honour Black filmmakers, "Reel Black." She also developed and administered "Reel Black Cinema", a program of monthly screenings of films by Black directors.