Research Associates:

Past Graduate Students, PDFs and Residents:

  • R. Gray, Ph.D. (Assistant Prof., Arizona State University)
  • C. Portfors, Ph.D. (Assistant Prof., Univ. of Washington)
  • A. Vincent, PDF (Senior Ergonomist Transport Canada)
  • S. Hamstra, Ph.D. (Assistant Prof. Dept. Surgery, U. Of T.)
  • S. Kaushal, M.A. (Attorney).
  • D. Giaschi, PDF (Associate Prof., U.B.C.)
  • T. Simpson, PDF (Associate Prof., Waterloo U.)
  • P. He, PDF (Engineer, Hewlett-Packard)
  • A. Kothe, PDF (Associate Prof., U. Montreal)
  • R. Kruk, Ph.D. (R.and.D. Manager, CAE).
  • J. Raymond, Ph.D. (Director Vision Centre, Cardiff Unviersity)
  • C. Maxner, MD, FRCP(c). (Head Neurology, Halifax Infirmary)
  • P. Price, MD. FRCS(c) (Ophthalmologist)
  • D. Neima, MD, FRCS(c) (Ophthalmologist)
  • B. Tansley, PDF (Professor, Concordia University)
  • K.I Beverley, Ph.D. (Engineer, Geological Service)
  • C.W. Tyler, Ph.D. (Director of Research, Smith Kettlewell Instit.)
  • R. Galvin, MD FRCP(c). (Consultant Neurologist, Dublin)
  • R. Kohly, Ph.D. (Resident, University of Toronto, Ophthalmology.)
  • P.Grove, Ph.D. (PDF, Univ. New South Wales, AU)