November 24th, 2010
Student Club Event: Betsy Wall, FIDA-PCH

Betsy Wall, executive director of FIDA=PCH spoke about different work done in Haiti touching on the topic of adult literacy programs and the importance of education in development. Some of their ongoing work in Haiti includes
- The completion of a participatory rural assessment in Duchity located in the southern part of Haiti
- The completion of eight new reservoirs in Fon Batis for fields, animals and general household (non potable) use such as laundry.
- A goat and poultry distribution to several hundred families in Fon Batis, Breli, Délis and St. Marc
- A sweet potato project where the first round of planters contributed a portion of their harvest to a new round of planters
- Seed/tool distribution and agricultural training projects (funded through Hope International and private donors) in all the above mentioned communities
- Distribution of credit funds both at planting and harvest
- The launch of the first-ever tool cooperative in Fon Batis. This group went from 10 to 56 members in less than three months, banking over $1000 US. The next venture to build a store

February 23, 2010
Nicholas Volk, Development Chair

Citizen of United States came here to create a social housing program. Built affordable housing for people with low income.
- 160 acres to create 100 habitats homes
- Microfinance is needed to allow people to create their own business in order to afford housing
- Advocacy on behalf of obtaining housing through microfinance is required
- Before going to the private sector, you must know what it is you want the private sector to do exactly
- He will be partnering up with the United Nations to provide microfinance initiatives in the developing world

January 28, 2010
Roundtable discussion: Role of the Private Sector in Creating Access to Clean Water

In order to bring drinking water to peri-urban populations we need:
- Water treatment plant to make water fit for drinking
- Pipes for the transportation of water to homes
- Water metres to measure quality of water
- Technicians to maintain technology
- Information about costs, measuring consumption, and the billing process
Download the discussion summary.

October 17th, 2009
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

To commemorate this day, the Human Rights Participatory Growth Program joined ventures with RESULTS Canada to unite with millions of people who stood up against poverty across the globe.
The Human Rights Participatory Growth Program, also known as York University's poverty project, is an organization which conducts research, creates awareness about issues of global poverty and international development. RESULTS Canada is a non-profit organization that empowers ordinary people to become extraordinary voices for health care, education, and economic opportunity for all.
Download the day's summary.