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AWM links

Here you can find link to many of the resources offered by AWM to it’s members!

Student Chapters: Here is a link to information about the AWM student chapters – a community with over a hundred chapters across the world which you can be a part of too! Everyone is welcome to join! You can also find some information about what is currently going on in other Chapters and the AWM Student Chapter Awards.

Student Chapters – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

Travel grants: AWM can provide travel grants for women mathematicians to attend conferences or for junior mathematicians to visit another institute to take part in research with a specified senior mathematician.

Travel Grants – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

Mentor Network: The AWM mentor network provides opportunities for becoming a mentor or a mentee, with matches based on common interests.

Mentor Network – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

Research Networks: Research Collaboration Conferences for Women are week-long conference events where collaborations between junior and senior women on pre-defined research projects are held to establish research networks for women. More information and details of upcoming events can be found at the link.

AWM Research Communities – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

A full list of the research networks can be found here: Research Networks – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

Research Symposium: This is an AWM run conference to showcase the research of women. AWM also holds events at other conferences, details of which can be found on the page linked.

Meetings – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

Link to the 2022 AWM Research Symposium: AWM Research Symposium – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

Job board: Job board lists jobs and other opportunities for women in mathematics. You can view job posting or post your own job ads.

JobBoard – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

La Matematica journal: The flagship journal for AWM, La Matematica is an international peer reviewed journal publishing high quality research from all areas of mathematics.

La Matematica – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

Volunteer opportunities: If you are interested in volunteering for an AWM Committee, fill out the google doc below!

Self-Nominations for AWM Committees (

Inspiring Women in Math Speaker series: AWM’s 50th anniversary was in 2021, to commemorate the occasion each month there was a talk from a speaker who made a difference in the community of mathematics. All the talks can be found on this webpage.

We Speak Series – Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) (

YouTube: The AWM YouTube channel can be found here.

Association for Women in Mathematics - YouTube

Slack: If you want to join the AWM Student Chapters Slack an invitational link can be found here:

Join AWM Student Chapters on Slack | Slack

Other resources

Education Loan Finance (ELFI): Women currently remain underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. To help female students pursue their academic goals, ELFI has created a guide to find the best scholarships for women in STEM.

Scholarships for Women in STEM - ELFI