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(run both in the FALL and WINTER)

Applying to Graduate School Workshop Series

Part 1: Is Graduate School for Me?
Interested in applying to Graduate school in Psychology? Attend the first part of our workshop series where we discuss different types of degrees in Psychology, the life of a grad student, and finances in graduate school, and answer any questions you might have.

Part 2: Getting Ready to Apply to Graduate School
For this part of our workshop series, we discuss application timelines, gaining research and volunteer experience, choosing the right program, contacting supervisors, taking the GRE, and answer your related questions.

Part 3: Submitting the Graduate School Application
For this part of our workshop series, we cover topics related to applying to tri-council awards and writing proposals, asking for references, writing personal statements, CV and transcripts, and answering your related questions.

Other ANNUAL Workshops
(usually run in the WINTER)

Statistical Coding in R: Introduction to the Basics
Learn some basic R coding skills such as plotting figures, saving files, and more, from current graduate students in Psychology.

All about the GRE
Hear from current graduate students in the Psychology program at York about the general and Psychology subject GRE!

How to Gain Undergraduate Research Experience
This workshop covers different types of summer research experiences for undergraduate students. Topics include the importance of volunteering, how to find research experiences, tips for applying to labs, and the basics of adding these experiences to your CV.

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