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For Mentees


This folder contains a variety of resources and commonly asked questions concerning subjects such as counselling psychology, finding volunteering and research-related opportunities, the GRE, sample interview questions, sample letters to professors, personal statement templates, CV materials, and other helpful resources.

Other Resources:

The Canadian Handbook for Careers in Psychological Science
CV Template
Grad School Awards-Info and Tips

Applying to Graduate School in Psychology

PUMP's Grad School To-Do List

Underrepresented Students in Graduate School

DISSECT Marginalized Graduate Student Survival Kit
Academic Aunties:
A podcast dedicated to helping traditionally marginalized groups navigate academia

Want to be a Clinical Psychologist?

Clinical Psychology Programs in Canada
Mitch's Guide to Graduate School in Clinical Psychology
UPSA's Counselling vs Clinical Psychology Psychology

APA Resources

York Psych Research

  • Hover over Undergraduate Program and then click on Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students
  • Hover over Faculty and Research and then click on Research Labs

Navigating York's Psych Undergraduate Degree
  • Hover over Undergraduate Program and then click on Degree Requirements/Information

Academic Advising

Goal Setting

The BrainCore Podcast

Tolu Faromika, along with special guests, takes students and the general public to the core of new Psychology and Neuroscience research in this educative podcast. What can you do with Psychology? Do you ever wonder if you can mix interests? Psychology and Video Games? Neuroscience and Technology? Every 2 months, we'll shine the light on a subfield/intersection involving both topics! Each episode introduces you to something you perhaps never thought was possible!