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Room Bookings

Calumet & Stong Colleges are responsible for booking the following rooms:

  1. Calumet College Room 214
  2. Stong College Room 101 (Master's Dining Hall)
  3. Stong College Room 111 (Junior Common Room)
  4. Stong College Room 201 (Sylvester's)
  5. Stong College Room 309 (Steve Dranitsaris Room)

Please note room bookings are currently unavailable.

Administrative Office

301 Calumet College, York University
Toronto, ON M3J1P3


Monday to Friday
8:30AM - 4:30PM
Open Until 3:30PM on Fridays in June, July & August

Room booking requests are to be made via the MachForm.

  • Ensure that you have included enough prep time before and after your event for set-up, clean-up and organizing the tables and chairs.
  • Submit a temporary use of university space (TUUS) form. Until your TUUS form is approved, we will put a hold on the meeting room for you. Complete and submit the COVID-19 specific TUUS form.

If your event is cancelled, please contact our office immediately (

For more information on room keys, room configuration, A/V equipment and catering check out the Room bookings PDF.

Keys can be picked up from 301 Calumet College. If no one is available, you can pick up the keys from 208 Stong College.

  • Should your meeting or event be scheduled prior to 9:00 AM, you must obtain the room key the day before by 4:00 PM.
  • Room keys need to be signed out by your representation upon pick up and signed back in upon return by Office of the Master staff.
  • The representative who signs out the key will need to leave their student identification card with the staff. Your ID card will be given back to you once you have returned the key.
  • Room keys are to be returned immediately after the event. If your event ends after regular business hours, we ask that you return the keys first thing the next morning.
  • Some rooms have lock boxes on the door knobs that carry that room's keys. These can be unlocked by entering a code. Team Leaders and Work Study students can obtain the code from the Student Success Coordinators.

Click Here to place Service Requests

  • If you require the room set up to be different than the default configuration, a Service Request will need to be made at your own expense to facilities and the room must be returned to its original state when your event is completed, which may require a separate Service Request.
  • It is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator(s) to ensure the room layout has been returned to its original state.
  • Please ensure that the space is returned back to its original state and tidied before you leave. Do not leave garbage/food behind in the room (on chairs, tables, or floor) and clean out the garbage bin before leaving, if used.
  • If you require additional garbage bags, please make arrangements by contacting Facilities at extension 22401.

Click Here to Place your Aramark Catering Order

  • If your event will take place in the Stong Master's Dining Room (MDR - Stong Room 101), Aramark holds the contract to cater in this space, no outside catering is allowed.
  • Catering orders need to be placed by the Event Coordinator(s) at their own expense.

List of Other On-Campus Caterers

None of the spaces in Calumet College and Stong College are outfitted with A/V equipment. A separate ITC Request will need to be made to order any equipment you might need for your event.

Steps to Order A/V Equipment:

  1. Receive event permit from Temporary Use of University Space (TUUS).
  2. Forward permit with your request for equipment via email to
  3. Equipment must be ordered 7 days in advance of event.

Issues with A/V equipment on the day of your event should be directed to ITC at ext. 55065.

If you experience any difficulties with the meeting room or key on the day of your event, please see the Receptionist in the Office of the College Head, 301 Calumet College or call 416-736-5132.