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Service/Work Requests

Clients in any faculty or department can engage CSBO services by submitting a Service Request (SR) through the CSBO self-service portal.  This portal links directly to the CSBO asset management system, Maximo, and allows clients to view both active and historical requests, and to exchange information with the Work Control Centre.

The Work Control Centre receives all Service Requests, adds or modifies information and routes it to the appropriate CSBO unit for completion.  It is located in Room 1066 of the Physical Resources Building at the Keele campus or in Room 202 of the Central Services Building at the Glendon campus.

Clients can submit both non-chargeable and chargeable Service Requests through the portal.  Clients are asked to provide an expense account for any Service Requests that are chargeable.  Examples of chargeable and non-chargeable activities are:

Chargeable Service Request
(please provide account number)

Non-Chargeable Service Request
(no budget number required)

  • Renovation or alteration of space
  • Installation of electrical outlets
  • Purchase of new furniture
  • Provision of additional locks or keys, re-keying
  • Servicing Departmental equipment
  • Hanging picture frames, shelving, hooks etc.
  • Repairs caused by vandalism
  • Enhanced physical security
  • Painting, carpeting replacement, drapes (non routine)
  • Room temperature problems
  • Electrical outlets, or lights not working
  • Leaky or non operational taps, toilets, sinks etc.
  • Unsafe conditions
  • Cracking or broken window
  • Elevators not working
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Door repairs required
  • Minor furniture repairs

The Work Control Centre may contact the client to clarify various details of the request.  Once the Service Request has been processed, the client will receive a notification email which includes the CSBO Supervisor or Coordinator of the activity and the Service Request number for reference.  One can also access this information directly in the Service Request portal.



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