A Driver’s License will no longer be an acceptable form of identification for exams.

Students must present photo identification at each exam. The following forms will be accepted:

  • physical/mobile YU-card with a photo;
  • physical/mobile YU-card without a photo plus valid passport;
  • A valid passport.

Students with mobile YU-card and wearable devices: Please follow the guidance of the exam invigilator/instructor on the use of mobile YU-cards and the placement of mobile phones during exams. See the Exam Tip Sheet page for more information.

York University is proud to launch the new Mobile YU-card to all incoming students, faculty and staff. The new mobile credential program highlights York’s reputation as a leader in excellence and innovation. York is committed to continually enhancing the University experience for all those who choose to learn, teach and work here.

Why get a YU-card?

YU-card is York’s official photo identification, and campus-wide payment card, for students, faculty and staff. YU-card provides access to several services and spaces across Keele, Glendon and Markham campuses including the library, recreation facilities, exams, food, dining plans, shopping, events, discounts and more.

Am I eligible?

Mobile YU-cards are available to all new students, faculty, instructors and staff. Mobile cards are available to current community members as their physical YU-cards become due for renewal. If you wish to replace your card before the expiration date, please note that there is a $20 transition fee to mobile when your current card is returned to the YU-card Office. 

Let's get started!

Step 1

Apply for your YU-card

Submit a YU-card Application.

Step 2

Get your photo approved

Once submitted, wait for email approvals.

Step 3

Get your YU-card

Add your mobile YU-card to your digital wallet.

Physical YU-card | Need a physical YU-card? Please visit the YU-card Office at WSC222 once your YU-card Application is approved.

Select Your Digital Wallet

If you do not have a compatible smartphone, you can apply for a physical YU-card above. Please check our FAQ or contact us for more information.

Mobile YU-card at a Glance

Better Experience

Mobile cards streamline the user experience and provide new capabilities, such as directly loading Flex funds through the app and more.

Time Saving

The YU-card process can be done entirely online.

Less waste

Switching to digital cards will eliminate approximately 400 kg of plastic and PVC consumption per year.

No Fees

Mobile YU-cards on lost phones can be transferred to a new device for free.

Learn more about YU-card

Do you have more questions related to YU-card? Contact the YU-card Office team or visit the YU-card Office at William Small Centre (WSC) room 222 on York's Keele Campus.