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Visiting the YU-card Office at Keele Campus? Join the line with QLess and wait where you want!

With QLess you can check your estimated wait time and receive notifications when to proceed to the YU-card Office for service. Join the virtual line using the Qless kiosk located at the YU-card Office, in William Small Centre, WSC222.

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York University's Official Photo Identification and Debit Card!

It's the one card you need to access key services such as the Library, recreation facilities, exams, food, meal plans, shopping, events, discounts and more. Load up your YU-card and use it as a debit card at 200 points of sale across campus, plus select off-campus merchants, to save time and money - perfect for being on the go.

Our Services

Get Your YU-card

New Staff, Students and Faculty Start Here

Photo Upload Service

In effort to minimize the spread COVID-19, all new incoming student and staff are required to apply online using the YU-card Photo Upload Tool. Sign in with your Passport York, to upload a passport style ID photo for your YU-card.

New Staff, Students and Faculty Request Mail Delivery

YU-card Mail Delivery

For 2021-2022, the YU-card Office is pleased to offer a mail delivery option to new students, faculty and staff who have never been issued a card before and have an approved Photo Upload.

Current Staff, Students and Faculty

Replace/Renew Your Card

Lost, stolen, or damaged YU-card? We can help. For a lost or stolen YU-card, deactivate your card immediately on eAccounts to protect your funds. Please visit the YU-card Office to obtain a replacement YU-card.

Manage Your YU-card


Manage your account conveniently online with eAccounts. Sign-in to quickly view your account balances and transaction history, top up your Flex account with additional funds, and freeze your YU-card if it is misplaced.

Check Your Balance/Make a Deposit

Don't forget to check your balance so that you never run low! Others can also deposit funds into your account by using the "Guest Deposit" feature.