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Our DiningPlan ensures consistent and uninterrupted food service accessibility to our residents and York Community, providing them with flexibility, affordability and diverse dining options.

Benefits of the Dining Plan  

NO TAX: Your Dining Plan provides you access to nutritionally healthy tax-exempt prepared meals at participating Meal Plan and Meal Plan Plus locations on campus.  

CONVENIENCE: Your Dining Plan is accepted at a wide variety of locations across our campuses, some of which offer extended hours of operation to meet your needs.

ON-SITE DIETITIAN: Dining Plan members have access to individual nutrition counselling with York’s Registered Dietitian at no extra cost because we recognize that nutrition plays a key role in student’s mental and physical health, and academic performance. Counselling can cover topics such as campus menu and food options, food allergies, eating on a budget, healthy eating, and medical conditions. Book now!

Dining Plan Options - 2024/2025

Students living in York U Residence accommodations where Dining Plans are mandatory, must select one of the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Dining Plans. Students living in suite-style accommodations with kitchens may optionally purchase any of the Dining Plans listed below.

Dining Plan OptionsCost of PlanMeal Plan Dollars (MP) Meal Plan Plus Dollars (MP+) Operation
Enhancement Fee
Silver$5,400 $2,800 $2,350$250
Gold$5,950 $2,800 $2,900$250
Platinum$6,500 $2,800$3,450$250
Convenience (Suite) $3,250- $3,125$125

Dining Plan funds are separated into two accounts: Meal Plan and Meal Plan Plus. Funds in the Meal Plan Plus account can be spent at all locations that accept the Dining Plan as a form of payment, however funds in the Meal Plan account can only be used in specific locations, as shown on the Dining Plan locations map.  

For example, Meal Plan funds can be spent at dining locations in Central Square, but not at locations in York Lanes; whereas Meal Plan Plus funds can be spent at dining locations in both Central Square and York Lanes.  

Convenience Dining Plans are available to York Students who do not living in a York Residence where a Dining Plan is mandatory, and who want to enjoy the benefits of a Dining Plan. To add this plan to your YU-card, contact yucard@yorku.ca or visit YU-card Office at WSC222.

Meal Plan and Meal Plan Plus dollars are loaded onto your YU-card, which is subject to the YU-card Holder’s Agreement.

The Operation Enhancement Fee is a non-refundable amount used to enhance dining environments, facilities and equipment.  

To get the most out of your Dining Plan, review the Description of Dining Plan.  


Meal Plan account: This is your base Dining Plan. Funds in this account are accepted for tax exempt prepared meals specified locations. These funds are non-refundable, and non-transferable to other accounts or cardholders.  

Meal Plan account funds will expire upon the last day of the Dining Plan term (April 26, 2025). 

Meal Plan Plus account: This adds more variety to your Dining Plan. Funds in this account are accepted for tax exempt prepared meals at a larger number of locations. These funds are non-refundable, and non-transferable to other accounts or cardholders.  

Upon the last day of the Dining Plan term (April 26, 2025), unspent Meal Plan Plus funds will be transferred to a Meal Plan Taxable account, subject to a $50 Administration Fee.  

Meal Plan Taxable account: Funds in this account are accepted for taxable food and non-alcoholic beverages at participating locations. These funds are non-refundable, and non-transferable to another account or cardholder.  

Unspent Meal Plan Taxable funds will expire if you cease to be enrolled at York. 

Flex account: Funds in this account are accepted for snacks and non-alcoholic beverages at participating locations and in vending machines, books and supplies at the York University Bookstore, printing and photocopying, and residence laundry machines. You can add Flex funds to your YU-card by visiting the YU-card website. Dollars are non-refundable.  

Unspent Flex funds will expire in one (1) year after you cease to be enrolled at York. 

All of the funds in your Dining Plan are to be used on tax exempt prepared meals and non-alcoholic beverages sold with meals at participating locations

In accordance with the Excise Tax Act, to use your Meal Plan or Meal Plan Plus funds, desert, snack and beverage items must be purchased as part of a meal with a prepared entrée (e.g., sandwich, warm meal, salad, soup, etc.). If you are purchasing these items separate from a prepared meal, Taxable or Flex Funds must be used.  

Dining Plans are for personal use only and are non-transferable. Dining Plans cannot be used to purchase items including but not limited to:  

  • taxable desserts, snacks and beverages that are not part of a prepared meal, including but are not limited to: 
  1. carbonated beverages 
  2. non-carbonated beverages that contain less than 25% (by volume) natural fruit juice 
  3. candies and confectionary items, such as chewing gum and chocolate 
  4. frozen treats including ice cream, sherbert, frozen yogurt, or ice lollies  
  5. chips, crisps, popcorn, pretzels or puffs 
  6. snack mixtures of granola, salted nuts, salted seeds or dried fruit (unless sold primarily as a breakfast cereal) 
  7. cakes, muffins, pastries, cookies, doughnuts, croissants with sweetened filling or coating, or similar products (but not including bread products, such as bagels, English muffins, croissants or bread rolls, without sweetened filling or coating). 
  • purchases from a mini‑mart, convenience store or vending machine 
  • food in bulk and/or for sharing with others  
  • alcoholic beverages 
  • gift certificates  
  • non-food items (e.g., books, paper, etc.) 

If you live in residence, payment is due at the same time as your residence fees. The full plan amount plan will be credited to your YU-card upon move-in. Please refer to your Residence Agreement for further information.  If you do not live in residence, full payment is due at the time of purchase at the YU-card Office. 

Dining Plan locations on the Keele and Glendon campuses are closed only during the University's holiday winter closure. Dining Plans will not be usable during the closure. Dining Plan holders are responsible for making alternate arrangements for meals during this time if remaining in residence. Some Meal Plan Plus locations my elect to stay open for a portion of the winter closure.   

During the term of your plan, you have the option to upgrade or downgrade to an eligible tier if you find that the original selection does not meet your needs. All change requests must be submitted before the last day of the Dining Plan term (April 26, 2025). If you request a change after the term has ended, it will be subject to a $50 Administrative Fee. 

Dining Plan funds are allocated toward operating costs used to ensure York University can deliver consistent and uninterrupted access to diverse and nutritionally healthy meals. We prioritize accessibility and strive to ensure that services available to the community all year round.  

That means that Dining Plans are non-refundable. If funds in your Meal Plan account are unspent, they cannot be returned to you at the end of the term because they have been allocated towards operating costs. Upon the last day of the Dining Plan term (April 26, 2025), unspent Meal Plan Plus funds will be transferred to a Meal Plan Taxable account, subject to a $50 Administration Fee. 

If you move out of residence prior to the following dates, a request to cancel your Dining Plan may be submitted: 

  • November 10, 2024 if your residence contract is for the Fall term only, or  
  • March 16, 2025 if your residence contract is for the Winter term only or the full Fall/Winter session.  

A prorated credit will be applied to your Student Account for the cancellation, calculated   based on the time you were assigned a residence room or the last date you use the Dining Plan, whichever is later. A $50.00 cancellation fee applies. 

Dining Plan Locations | Map

These locations accept Meal Plan & Meal Plan Plus Dollars

Meal Plan Eateries
The Market
Central Square
Booster Juice
Pizza Pizza
Tim Hortons
Central Square Market
Centre for Film and Theatre
Dahdaleh Building
Tel Café
Tim Hortons
Glendon Marché
Tim Hortons
Palgong Tea
Osgoode Bistro
The Orange Snail
Stong College Cafeteria
William Small Centre
Tim Hortons
Country Style Kosher Deli
Winters College Cafeteria

These locations accept only Meal Plan Plus Dollars

Meal Plan Plus Eateries
The Quad
Amaya Express
Aroma Espresso Bar
Burger King
Booster Juice
Crêpe Delicious
Galito's Grilled Chicken
Omni Noodle
Osmow's Shawarma
Pizza Studio
Salus Fresh Foods
First Student Centre
Gino's Pizza
Islands Caribbean Restaurant
Jimmy The Greek
Mac's Sushi
Pagoda Tree
The BreakRoom
Yogen Fruz
Second Student Centre
Break Cafe
York Lanes
Aroma Espresso Bar
Chaska Indian Street Food Obsession
Cucinetta Italian Café
Hero Burger
La Prep
Popeyes Chicken
Pita Land
Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar
Sakura Japanese Foods
Sushi Shop
Thai Express
The Campus Bubble Tea
The Great Canadian Bagel
Timbers Lodge Social Grill
Z-Teca Gourmet Burritos
Schulich School of Business

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