Food Truck

Food Truck

Apply To Be An Approved Truck On Campus!

York U is happy to welcome food trucks on campus. We are always searching for new vendors to join us on both the Keele and Glendon campuses throughout the year for regular programming as well as special and private events.

Important Information

Please give us at least ten business days to process and review the application.

Application Process

1) Please review York University's Food Truck Regulations to ensure that your truck meets the requirements.

Food Truck Regulations

2) Be prepared to submit the following:

Please be prepared to submit:

3) Submit your completed application.

4) Approval process:

Once you have been approved, you will be notified. We will add you to our approved food truck list where we may invite you participate in Wheels Wednesdays (operating September/October and March/April) or at the request of a community group. Currently food trucks are only permitted to operate on a single day basis. We are not offering residency at the moment.

5) Fee

Please note that a $100 vendor fee (made out to York University) is required and includes a parking pass.

York U cannot guarantee any numbers of attendance for sales.


The selling of plastic water bottles is NOT permitted as York U is plastic water bottle free as of September 2015!