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Value Meals for $5.99

In order to support community members who dine on campus at different price points, we are re-introducing the value meal program with brand new plant forward dishes and a price point which ensures that all community members with distinct dietary needs can access healthy and exciting meal options. The value meal program will be available at Stong, Winters and Glendon Dining Hall locations and easily identifiable with the value meal icon so everyone can navigate the dining areas with ease.

Fall Menu

Mac and Cheese with Garlic Stick and Side Salad
Aloo Gobi with Naan and Side Salad
Nachos with Veggie Chili
Moroccan Bean and Pepper Stew with Pita and Side Salad
Baked Perogies with Side Salad
Vietnamese Tofu Curry with Brown Rice
Potato Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce and Garlic Bread
Vegetable Tagine with Steamed Rice and Side Salad
Vegetable Ratatouille with Side Salad and Garlic Toast
Rajma Rice and Kachumber Salad