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Conveniently manage your YU-card securely online with eAccounts. Access eAccounts through the web portal (link below) or download the eAccount Mobile App on the iOS or Google App Store for quick easy access on your smartphone. Use eAccounts, to view your account balances and transaction history, deposit money to your Flex account, or freeze your YU-card if it is misplaced.

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Visa Debit

Deposit Options

You can select to deposit a specific amount. Or, you can select to deposit an amount that is a calculated difference between the current account balance and a target balance (balance top-off). Example: A student’s Flex account contains $10. You want to make the account balance $55. Your calculated balance top-off deposit would be $45.

NOTE: The minimum deposit amount is $5 CAD and the maximum is $1,000.00 CAD.

eAccounts Mobile App

To deposit using the eAccounts Mobile app, you must have a saved method of payment. Set up a saved payment method, by making a deposit through the web version of eAccounts first.

Friends and family members can make deposits to your YU-card Flex account using the Guest Deposit feature (website only). The guest will need the following information to make the deposit:

  • First Name of cardholder
  • Last Name of cardholder
  • Student/Employee ID number

Check account balances

See a quick a summary of all your account balances on one easy page.

Review transactions

Need more information? You can review transactions history and generate reports for each account.

If you misplace your card, act quickly to protect your funds. Log onto eAccounts on the YU-card website or mobile app and deactivate it, under Card Services. All funds will remain frozen until reactivated.

Found a lost card? If it hasn't been replaced you can reactivate your found card, under the Card Services functions in eAccounts. 

NOTE: eAccounts does not deactivate door access to secured buildings and rooms the card has been programmed for. Please doorcard@yorku.ca to deactivate access privileges.