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Parking Services

Parking Services is now offering virtual appointments with a Live Agent via ZOOM. If you need to speak to someone directly connect with us at the link below.

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NOTICE: November 25, 2020


Commencing November 25, 2020, Snow Routes will be in effect in the following areas: Passy Crescent, Assiniboine Rd., Ottawa Rd., and other signed areas across campus. Parking will not be permitted between the hours of 10:30 pm to 7:00 am, regardless of the weather conditions. Signs will be posted at both entrances of the Passy Crescent Lot to notify patrons of specific times when the lot will be closed for snow clearing.

Snow clearing during winter months, (November to March), will be performed during these restricted hours. Vehicles parked during these times will be tagged and/or towed.

Complimentary parking is currently in place and we suggest that you park in the Passy Crescent parking lot over night to avoid any inconvenience.

Please contact Parking & Transportation Services at or visit us in our Zoom Room if you have any questions.

NOTICE: November 6, 2020


Effective November 15, 2020, and throughout the winter months, selected perimeter parking lots on the Keele campus will be closed either fully or partially. The closure of these lots are a result of low vehicular occupancy. Parking on campus is currently complimentary and individuals who are required to be on campus, can park in any of the open lots or garages that provide convenient parking near buildings. 

Full Lot Closures: Pond Road, Founders West and Albany Road.
Partial Lot Closures: Founders Road East (north visitor lot section and south east reserved section will be closed), North West Gate (north lot closest to Steeles Avenue will be closed), and York Blvd (east end of lot including overflow lot will be closed).

While the three parking garages will remain open for use, some upper levels will be closed. All stairwells, elevators, and vestibules in the garages will continue to be maintained.

There will be signs posted at both the full and partially closed lots to advise the lot status. While lighting will remain active in all areas, lots that are fully closed as well as the closed portions of the partially closed lots will not be maintained during this period; there will be no salting, sanding, or snow clearing. All open areas and pathways to the lots will be maintained by Facilities Services.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Paid parking had been planned to resume in November of this year as part of the University’s gradual re-opening of the campuses over the summer; however with the current rise in COVID-19 cases and the regional return to a modified stage 2 status, the reinstatement of paid parking has been put on hold until further notice. Parking will continue to remain complimentary for those individuals approved to be on campus.  

Although there is no expectation to pay or have a parking permit, we do require that individuals park their vehicles in a designated parking stall.  Parking on fire routes, service spaces, laybys, 15-minute pick up and drop off zones, sidewalks, walkways, daycare, accessibility, and snow routes is strictly prohibited.  Vehicles found in these spaces will be subject to a City of Toronto Parking Violation.  Parking Enforcement is on campus daily to ensure safety and compliance.

Parking Services

Making Parking On Campus Easy and Convenient

Parking Service provides a variety of Parking and Transportation options to the York Community. With over 8100 parking spaces and 41 parking lots, Parking Services offers various permit and short term parking options to staff, faculty, students and guests to the university.

Now Introducing HONK Mobile App!

Parking Services is pleased to offer Honk Mobile for daily parking at both the Keele and Glendon Campuses. If you are parking in a visitor lot, on-street or in one of our garages, download the HONK App and pay for your parking spot with ease. The best part – HONK will notify you by text message 15 minutes before your parking time expires, which allows you to purchase additional time directly through the app should you require it.

Learn how to start using HonkApp now!

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