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Terms and Conditions

In applying for the parking Permit indicated on this application, I hereby agree to assume all responsibilities for the vehicle(s) registered herein, to adhere to the Parking and Traffic Regulations at York University as amended from time to time, and to accept all the conditions contained therein. I acknowledge having received a copy of these regulations. I further certify that I am in possession of a valid driver’s license and that the vehicle(s) registered for parking are properly licensed and insured.

All outstanding fees and notices must be paid in full prior to a Parking Permit being issued. Parking & Transportation Services reserves the right to apply unused permit fees against any outstanding fees and notices.

All Parking Permits are issued by and remain the property of York University Parking & Transportation Services. They are solely for the use of the party to whom they were issued.

All requests for permit refunds, should be made directly to Parking & Transportation Services. A $15.00 administrative fee will be applied to all permit refunds. To obtain a refund for pre-paid, unused parking fees, an email request must be sent to for Keele Campus or for Glendon Campus, by the third business day of the current month. To avoid delays in processing time, please include your full name, York ID number, current phone number and reason for the refund. Parking Services will contact you to finalize the refund.

FINAL REFUND REQUEST DATES: Refund request received after November 15 (Fall term) and March 21 (Winter/Yearly term) will not qualify and no refund will be issued - NO EXCEPTIONS. Certain conditions apply to all refunds.

York University assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss to a motor vehicle or its contents, no matter how caused, while it is on University property.