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voice & speech


Welcome to voice & speech!
The creator and manager of *voice & speech source, Eric Armstrong, welcomes you to this new incarnation of his dream child. He also helps you navigate the site, introduces you to some of the highlights and explains why we've moved.

Journey of the Voice
Ever wondered how exactly the voice works? Well, ALL ABOARD, as the Voice Train heads out of the station and onto the Journey of the Voice. This study of the where's and how's tries to give you enough information without swamping you with details. Expect a smooth ride as you explore breathing, phonation, resonation and articulation.

Looking for something on the web about voice an/or speech and haven't found it yet? This guide should point you to some of the more impressive sites which might help you out with questions about voice, speech, accents, dialects, text, phonetics, sampling, Shakespeare, workshops, and much more...

Home of the *voice & speech source glossary, this zone of the site is here to elucidate the difference between hyoglossus and hypernasal, labiodental from liquid-lateral and Lessac from your Linklater.

As a base for starting work on accents and dialects, the study of the International Phonetic Alphabet or IPA needs to be thorough for it to be helpful for a professional actor. The tutorials presented here help to make learning the IPA easier, and articles discuss the salient points of phonetics for actors.

Once the basics of phonetics have been laid in as tools, it is time to start studying what is called "speech" for the stage. This includes improving your ear to hear the subtle differences between sounds, patterns of pitch and rhythms, and to learn to make yourself sound different, while still feeling that you can act from a place of truth. This is also where we encounter dialects and accents of English.

Course Materials
Eric's students can find materials to support their class work here.

Links to related voice and speech resources

About Eric Armstrong...
More information on the writer/gatherer of this material, including an electronic version of his C.V. and how you might contact him in ways other than via email.