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voice & speech: speech and dialects: quizzes

Introducing the ipa: quizzes

by Eric Armstrong

These quizzes were developed to support the material from class. You should be able to answer the questions quite easily.

Intro to IPA Quizzes based on the workbook

You should be able to do these before

  1. Speech: Standards and Accent vs. Dialect (fill-in- the-blanks).
  2. Phonetic symbols: Consonants at the beginnings of words. (match'em up)
  3. Phonetic symbols: Consonants at the ends of words. (match'em up)
  4. Phonetic symbols: Consonants in the middle of words. (match 'em up)
  5. Sound/Symbol recognition: (a)Consonant sounds (multiple choice)
  6. Sound/Symbol recognition: (b)Consonant sounds (multiple choice)
  7. Sound/Symbol recognition: (c)Consonant sounds (multiple choice)
  8. Sound/Symbol recognition: (d)Consonant sounds (multiple choice)
  9. Phonetic symbols: Consonants & their names (match'em up)

You should be able to do these before

  1. Sound/Symbol recognition: Vowel sounds (multiple choice)
  2. First 3 Vowels "read, quickly, this" (fill in the blanks)
  3. Second 3 Vowels "About, Better, Luck, Words" (fill in the blanks)

These Quizzes were developed in 1999. They are good review, if you know the IPA already, and will be used later in the semester.

  1. Phonetic symbols: First vowels & mnemonic words (match'em up)
  2. Phonetic symbols: First vowels & their names (match'em up)
  3. Phonetic symbols: Mid vowels & their names (match'em up)
  4. Phonetic symbols: Diphthongs & mnemonic words (match'em up)
  5. Phonetic symbols: R-colored diphthongs & mnemonic words (match'em up)
  6. Sound Recognition: Transcriptions of nonsense words (mulitple choice) new!

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