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voice & speech: journey of the voice: care of the voice: pre-menstral vocal syndrome

Care of the Voice: Pre-Menstrual Vocal Syndrome

Women often experience discomfort as a result of the hormonal changes that occur during the premenstrual period. Commonly know as PMS, this syndrome can cause over 150 different symptoms of varying complexity. The tissues of the larynx have been shown to be hormone targets in much the same way that the tissues of the uterus/cervix are. This has lead to the development of a theory of Premenstrual Vocal Syndrome, which explains the symptoms that many women have experienced in their vocal use.

Pre-Menstrual Vocal Syndrome (PMVS)

PMVS - Symptoms and Effects:

Please note that painkillers can increase bleeding (haemorraging) in the vocal region (see Care: Injuries for more information and images).
Never take hormone drugs for the voice as they can increase these symptoms.

n.b. dysphonia is hoarseness


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A 'brochure' from the American Academy of Otolaryngology, this page will point out the typical reasons for going hoarse, and what to do about it.