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Year 1 Transition

About the Program

This program is designed to support Black students during their first year in university and at a time that is typically a considerable shift from the familiar high school structure and culture. During this period of transition, Black students tend to experience isolation, discrimination, and other challenges for which additional supports are beneficial. To this end, we bring participants together to build a sense of community and in turn acquire a sense of belonging as they navigate and settle into their 1st year of PSE.

Program Activities

  • Pre-university prep – from receiving acceptance letters to their first day of university, students will get supports (like picking their courses, learning about institutional resources, and coming to know about financial planning).
  • Available supports for pre-entry students: orientation workshops and information sessions on self-care, setting learning and career goals, mentorship, student services, and accommodation needs.
  • Weekly/biweekly meetings – these will provide participants with opportunities and spaces to reflect on their schooling and educational experiences – scrutinize what they are learning, share critical insights, develop relationships, discuss the relationship of their university program to possible employment and/or career opportunities, and engage in conversation pertaining to their visions of the future.
  • “Office hours” – students will have the opportunity to connect with Black faculty, and upper year or graduate students in particular fields of study to provide guidance, counsel, and mentorship.
  • Black Student Socials – Students will come together for social gatherings that are affirming and will foster peer support, networking and community building.