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“I have all my credits… now what?”

Report on disparities in postsecondary preparation and access

“If educational attainment opens the door to a better life, then opportunities for educational attainment must be equally available to all students". - U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine, Monitoring Educational Equity

High school graduates with disabilities, and from some racial groups, face substantial disparities relative to school board-wide averages in the rate to which they progress onto postsecondary -- far greater than disparities in graduation. This report from the Jean Augustine Chair at York and Wilfrid Laurier University highlights between-group differences in the rates at which Toronto high school graduates gain access to postsecondary education, and examines the potential role of course choices in last two years of high school which contribute to uneven levels of postsecondary preparedness.

I have all my what? - Summary

I have all my what? - Report

Visually Accessible Version - Report
(For those using screen readers, this visually accessible version presents data in tabular form and minimizes distracting layout features)

In The News

Which TDSB high school graduates are going on to post-secondary? Race, disability are factors, report says
Researchers looked at data over 10 years and found disabled students and those from marginalized racial groups go on to college, university at a lower rate...

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