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What sets Glendon’s Bachelor of Education degree apart is our bilingual campus, dedicated team of specialized instructors and excellence in language education. Within this supportive environment, you’ll not only study how to become a teacher, but you’ll learn how to teach French specifically as a subject. The relevant experience you gain by completing placements in French immersion schools will equip you with the language learning settings and teaching skills needed to set you apart in the job market after you graduate. 

As a French as a Second Language teacher, you’ll be prepared to teach French Immersion, Extended French, and Core French in anglophone school boards at the following levels: 

  • Primary/Junior (kindergarten to grade 6) 
  • Junior/Intermediate (grades 4 to 10) 
  • Intermediate/Senior (grades 7 to 12) 

To be a teacher in Ontario, you need to earn an undergraduate bachelor degree (such as a Bachelor of Arts, or BA), as well as a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd). You can either apply to the BEd when you apply to your Glendon BA (Direct Entry admission), or in your last year of your Glendon BA (Upper Year Admission). Each option has its own admissions processes through York's Faculty of Education.  

The York Faculty of Education offers a Bachelor of Education (BEd) program that is specialized in French as a second language teaching at Glendon campus (with some courses on the Keele campus) for Glendon students who are preparing to teach in Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate and Intermediate-Senior levels. Courses are predominantly delivered in French and school placements are in a French as a second language teaching program such as Core French, Extended French or French Immersion.  


As a Direct Entry Student, your first three or four years are focused on the courses for your Glendon BA program(s), and you’ll focus on your BEd and practica starting in your fourth or fifth year.  


As an Upper Year Applicant, you may be able to apply for limited spaces with the cohort on the Glendon campus during your last year of Glendon BA in order to start your BEd and practica in your fourth or fifth year at Glendon. 

  • Glendon students who are preparing to teach French as a Second Language (FSL) in all teaching levels can apply to join the cohort that is held on Glendon campus. Students in this cohort may complete the FSL option.   
  • Glendon students who are preparing to teach subjects other than FSL, or who do not want to study bilingually, can apply to the concurrent program that is offered on the Keele campus. 

After applying to the program, please complete the steps that you will receive in an official email communication from the Faculty of Education. Log into MyFile to view more details under “Supplementary Information Forms”.

March 1 for early consideration and April 1 for standard consideration.

Still have questions? Speak to our Student Admissions Advisor and BEd Recruitment Specialist.


For information on courses and course calendars, please visit the York Faculty of Education website or contact the Faculty of Education Student Services at OSP@edu.yorku.ca

Degree Types & Program Requirements

Education offers the following degree: 

  • Bachelor of Education (BEd) 

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