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A Canadian Studies degree offers tremendous breadth and flexibility. Whether you choose a mix of courses or focus on one of the three pathways, the degree requirements remain the same.

Human Rights & Social Justice spotlights how these issues are dealt with in Canada and internationally. You’ll develop an understanding of how to advance social justice causes and uphold human rights. Courses emphasize questions of civil liberties, gender relations, immigration, ethnocultural diversity, labour and the environment.

Community & Civic Engagement in Toronto looks at local issues and how they fit into broader national and international trends and realities. You’ll learn how to best make a difference for a cause you believe in, from artistic forms of engagement to the inner workings of political institutions and strategies of communities in advocating for their rights.

Migration, Multiculturalism & Settlement emphasizes the ways Canadian society is shaped by and is shaping migration patterns. You’ll focus on questions of race and racism, social issues affecting newcomers to Canada and how the country’s multicultural and immigration frameworks fit into global trends and realities. Explore what each year of your degree could look like, as well as how you can boost your major and career options.

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Canadian Studies courses give you in-depth knowledge of national issues in both official languages drawn from an array of academic areas, including history, geography, law, political science, economics, women’s studies and sociology. With courses like Anishinaabemowin (Ojibway) Language and Culture, Citizenship & Immigration in Canada, Canada in Global Perspective, Decolonising Canada and Canadian Environmental History, you’ll develop a multi-dimensional understanding of Canada’s political and legal systems, socio-cultural and linguistic landscapes, as well as its geographical, ecological and historical realities, including its relationship to Indigenous peoples.

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Fall/Winter 2021-2022

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Degree Types & Program Requirements

The Canadian Studies program offers the following degree types and certificates:  

  • Specialized Honours BA/iBA
  • Honours BA/iBA
  • Bachelor of Arts 
  • Minor  

The Canadian Studies program is also available as a bilingual or trilingual international Bachelor of Arts.

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