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Get prepared to make a change, globally and locally. Join our vibrant and welcoming community of scholars, students and alumni to understand the major issues of our time: democracy and participation, liberalism and illiberalism, migration and citizenship, peace and conflict, human rights, inequality, corruption, and global governance. You’ll study alongside faculty members who are leading researchers and innovative teachers in international relations, political theory, Canadian politics and public policy, and comparative politics – with particular strengths in U.S., Canadian, Latin American, and European politics. Along the way, you’ll develop highly valued skills in reading, writing, analysis, clear thinking, intercultural awareness, collaboration, and communication. 

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Skills You'll Learn

  • How to search for innovative solutions and promote change for greater justice and prosperity around the world  
  • Strong critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills 
  • How to ask the right question, find the answer, consider alternatives and provide an original and considered explanation 
  • Understand the forces driving social and political change 


As a Political Science graduate, you are well-equipped to become a leader and changemaker. You can choose to pursue graduate studies or obtain additional qualifications. Political Science grads pursue amazing career paths in:  

  • Law  
  •  Public policy analysis & advocacy 
  • Government 
  • Banking 
  • Business 
  • Journalism 
  • Public health 
  • Education 
  • Criminology 
  • Transnational advocacy 
  • International human rights 
  • International and community development 
  • International trade 
  • Corporate and non-profit management  
  • Mediation and arbitration  

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Hands-On Experiences

Apply the concepts and theories you’re studying to real world challenges.  

  • Join activities such as the Political Science Students’ Association, and attend guest lectures, faculty roundtables and research presentations. 
  • Put your studies into practice by participating in the Glendon College Student Union, the Glendon Student Caucus on Faculty Council, Model United Nations team, or the Glendon Foreign Affairs Council. 
  • Travel abroad with courses on European or American politics 
  • Apply for the Ontario Legislature Internship Programme and the Parliamentary Internship Programme 
  • Enroll in advanced research and discussion seminars such as Transnational Crime and Corruption, Political Ethics, Democracy and Authoritarianism, Canadian Foreign Policy, or others 

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, with average* of mid-to-high 70s
  • A minimum of six 4U or 4M courses, including 4U English (ENG4U) or French (FRA4U)
  • A combination of U and M course; OACs are accepted
  • Proficiency in English OR French

*Average is calculated based on the top six 4U; 4M or DU courses

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Student Supports & Programs

Glendon Campus prides itself on being a supportive community that goes the extra mile to ensure you get the help you need. See some of the resources Political Science students use the most. 

Meet Your Professors

You’ll learn from and get to know friendly, high-profile professors, who are published experts and actively working in the field.

Willem Maas

Willem Maas

York Hall 352

Francis Garon

Francis Garon

York Hall 351
416-736-2100 x 88149

Ellen Gutterman

Ellen Gutterman

York Hall 360
416-736-2100 x 88582

Dan Berbecel

Dan Berbecel

York Hall 357

Catherine Power

Catherine Power

York Hall 341

Radha Persaud

Hilliard Residence D120
416-736-2100 x 88595

Jean-Pierre Diamani

Hilliard Residence D120
416-736-2100 x 88595

Maissaa Almustafa

York Hall 350 maysa19@yorku.ca

David Carvounas

York Hall 350

Normand Perreault

York Hall 350

Thierry Côté

York Hall 350

Melina de Souza Rocha

York Hall 350 merocha@yorku.ca

John Carlaw

York Hall 350 carlaw@yorku.ca

Kathryn Barber

York Hall 350 barkat@yorku.ca

Adam Schachhuber

York Hall 350 aschachh@yorku.ca

Jessica S. Neaime

York Hall 350


Miloud Chennoufi

York Hall 350


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