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York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR), Eighth Floor, Kaneff

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and the York Centre for Asian Research offer a Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies that is awarded concurrently with a masters or doctoral degree for which the student is registered, on completion of all degree and graduate diploma requirements.

The Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies answers the identified need among students who are looking for more Asian content in their studies, and to interest prospective employers who are looking for graduates with certifiable expertise in Asian Studies. It is an interdisciplinary program that provides the necessary foundation to conduct research in Asia and Asian Diaspora. Given the diploma program’s emphasis on non-spatially-contained definition of Asian studies, diaspora, identity and transnationalism among immigrant communities in Canada, students acquire a broad knowledge of contemporary Asian research and issues. The recognized diploma offers students promising career opportunities related to Asia in fields including education, development, business and the arts.

Admission Requirements

All candidates for the Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies must first be admitted to a graduate program at York University. They may register for the Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies once their master’s or doctoral program of study has been clearly defined, normally before the course work has been completed.

Diploma Requirements

The Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies is available to graduate students at York who successfully complete the following requirements:

1) successfully complete the designated core course:
Geography 5700 3.0: The Making of Asian Studies: Critical Perspectives/Same as Communication & Culture 6135 3.0/History 5480 3.0/Humanities 6135 3.0/Social Anthropology 5500 3.0/Sociology 6745 3.0

2) demonstrate competency in one Asian language relevant to the candidate’s research

3) successfully complete two research papers with clear Asian content (excluding the course paper)

4) successfully complete fieldwork or other experience in the Asian geographic region or in the Diaspora, normally of at least 12-week duration. In exceptional circumstances, archival work or other forms of fieldwork may qualify if this is central to the candidate’s research.

Advising on the completion of these requirements is provided by the Director and Associate Director of the York Centre for Asian Research (the Associate Director is also the Graduate Diploma Coordinator), who is responsible for confirming that these requirements have been met. Advising is also provided by the Graduate Diploma Coordinator.

Further details about the graduate diploma requirements are found on the diploma website:

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