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European Studies

European Studies

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Admission Requirements

York University’s Graduate Diploma in European Studies is open to graduate students who are enrolled in an MA or PhD program in fields such as International Business, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Film, History, Humanities, Law, Linguistics, Political Science, Sociology, and Social & Political Thought.

The diploma offers the opportunity to:

  • develop expertise in the interdisciplinary field of European Studies;
  • exchange ideas with students and professors in the humanities, social sciences, and professional faculties;
  • receive mentoring in academic research and professional skills from leading scholars;
  • obtain hands-on experience through study, research, or internships in Europe; and,
  • present their work at national and international conferences and research colloquia.

Diploma Requirements

In addition to completing relevant courses successfully, Graduate students must:

a) write a Major Research Paper, thesis or dissertation on a topic relevant to European studies and approved by the Graduate Diploma Coordinator. If the degree program is a coursework program, students may satisfy this requirement by completing two research papers of at least 15 pages each and with a focus on topics relevant to European Studies, in courses with grades that satisfy Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) requirements;

b) Attend a minimum of two European-focused guest lectures, seminars, or presentations in each year of their degree. Generally, this will mean at least 2 or 4 seminars for MA students (depending on degree length) and 8 or more for PhD students. Presentations will be announced and made available to diploma students via an email listserv.

c) Complete a minimum of 3.0 credits from an approved list of courses. In exceptional circumstances, other courses may be approved by the Diploma Coordinator.

d) Develop and demonstrate competency in a European language (other than English) at a level appropriate to and relevant for their area of study; and

e) successfully complete a study period/research stay or an internship of at least six weeks (MA students) or 12 weeks (Ph.D. students) in a European country to be assessed by the Diploma Coordinator. Students may receive credit for such courses according to accepted practice at York. Some financial support may be available to eligible students.

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